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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 4 Who visits Lorry the day after he arrives at the Royal George Hotel?
(a) Jerry
(b) Miss Pross
(c) Miss Lucie Manette
(d) Mr. Tellson

2. While Jerry is dreaming, what does he continue to understand as a spectre?
(a) How long he was buried
(b) Who he is here to see
(c) What he wants
(d) How long he has wandered the earth

3. What does a woman ask the Marquis to provide for her husband?
(a) A pair of shoes
(b) A job
(c) A gravestone
(d) A warm meal

4. Who owns a prosperous wine shop in Paris?
(a) Jacques Defarge
(b) Mr. Tellson
(c) Doctor Manette
(d) Jerry

5. What does Lucie request of her husband regarding Mr. Carton?
(a) She asks him to pay Carton to go away.
(b) She asks that he never speak to Mr. Carton again.
(c) She asks that he disregard Mr. Carton's faults.
(d) She asks him to give Mr. Carton a job.

6. Chapter 20 Who is the first person to visit the newlyweds when they return home?
(a) Doctor Manette
(b) Mr. Lorry
(c) Sydney Carton
(d) Miss Pross

7. Chapter 3 What is the name of the prosecutor's witness?
(a) Jerry Cruncher
(b) Doctor Manette
(c) Mr. Carton
(d) John Barsard

8. What does Stryver say to Mr. Lorry about the advice Lorry gives him?
(a) He tells him that he doesn't agree with the advice.
(b) He thanks Mr. Lorry, asking him not to mention it again.
(c) Stryver tells Lorry that he never wants to see him again.
(d) Stryver tells Lorry that he is an empty-headed scoundrel.

9. Who does odd jobs for Tellson's Bank?
(a) Doctor Manette
(b) Defarge's wife
(c) Miss Pross
(d) Jerry Cruncher

10. Chapter 17 Why is Lucie so happy as she sits under the tree with her father?
(a) She is happy that she is to go to Cambridge.
(b) She is happy for the love Heaven has bestowed on her.
(c) She is happy that they are moving away from Soho.
(d) She is happy that her father is finally well and healthy.

11. What is Monsieur Defarge's roll in the storming of the Bastille?
(a) He is not involved.
(b) He holds the flag.
(c) He is a cannonier.
(d) He gives supplies to the army.

12. Chapter 22 What does old Foulon tell the starving people to do?
(a) Ask for mercy
(b) Beg for food
(c) Steal bread from the rich
(d) Eat grass

13. What steps does Foulon take to protect himself from the revolutionaries?
(a) He leaves the country.
(b) He lives in a cave.
(c) He hides in the mountains.
(d) He stages his own death.

14. Chapter 11 What does Stryver confess to Carton after a night of carousing?
(a) He is joining the King's guard.
(b) He intends to marry Miss Pross.
(c) He is moving to Paris.
(d) He intends to marry Lucie.

15. What does Lorry do with Doctor Manette's shoemaking implements?
(a) Donates them to charity
(b) Destroys them
(c) Replaces them with new ones
(d) Helps the doctor polish the shoemaking tools

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the intruder who stops at the mail carriage, asking for Mr. Jarvis Lorry?

2. What does Defarge tell the grieving man who cries over the child that is killed by Monsieur the Marquis' carriage?

3. Chapter 4 Who does the acquitted prisoner dine with after the trial?

4. What does Charles decide to do about his future inheritance?

5. Where does Mr. Lorry decide to relocate?

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