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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the Marquis look for when he arrives home?
(a) His children
(b) His wife
(c) His nephew, Charles
(d) His cousin, Jerry

2. What does Carton say he would do for Lucie and anyone dear to her?
(a) He would teach them the ways of the world.
(b) He would give them a job.
(c) He would lend them money.
(d) He would sacrifice everything for them.

3. What does Madame Defarge do in her usual spot in the wine shop?
(a) Gossips to customers
(b) Knits
(c) Bottles wine
(d) Reads

4. What news does the spy relate to Defarge?
(a) Dr. Manette's daughter is to marry Carton.
(b) Dr. Manette's daughter is to marry Stryver.
(c) Gaspard's body was thrown in the river.
(d) Lucie is to be married to Charles Darnay.

5. Chapter 20 Who is the first person to visit the newlyweds when they return home?
(a) Miss Pross
(b) Sydney Carton
(c) Doctor Manette
(d) Mr. Lorry

6. Chapter 21 What is the grief that strikes the Darnay household?
(a) Miss Pross leaves them.
(b) Mr. Lorry is arrested.
(c) Doctor Manette dies.
(d) One of the children dies

7. Chapter 17 Why is Lucie so happy as she sits under the tree with her father?
(a) She is happy that she is to go to Cambridge.
(b) She is happy that her father is finally well and healthy.
(c) She is happy for the love Heaven has bestowed on her.
(d) She is happy that they are moving away from Soho.

8. What does Defarge take to the King and Queen about Marquis Evremonde's murderer?
(a) The body of the Marquis
(b) A petition on the murderer's behalf
(c) Evidence against the murderer
(d) The dagger used to stab the Marquis

9. Chapter 2 What is the name of the hill that the Dover mail carriage is struggling to climb through the mud?
(a) Dover Rise
(b) Tellson's Hill
(c) Dover Hill
(d) Shooter's Hill

10. What does Madame Defarge do when the Governor of the Bastille is killed?
(a) She cheers.
(b) She screams at the sight.
(c) She turns and runs away.
(d) She cuts off his head.

11. Chapter 6 Where are Doctor Manette's lodgings located?
(a) Near Trafalgar Square
(b) Outside of London
(c) In Paris
(d) Near Soho square on a quiet street corner

12. What advice does Stryver give to Carton?
(a) To find a better career
(b) To move away from the area
(c) To find a respectable woman who owns property
(d) To learn how to speak French

13. Chapter 3 What does Jerry ponder that every house, room, and heart in a city holds?
(a) Smiling children
(b) Its own secret
(c) Sad families
(d) Happy families

14. What is the message that Mr. Lorry sends back to a lady in Dover?
(a) Send someone for my bags.
(b) Recalled to life
(c) Will meet you for tea
(d) The end is near.

15. Chapter 4 Who visits Lorry the day after he arrives at the Royal George Hotel?
(a) Mr. Tellson
(b) Jerry
(c) Miss Lucie Manette
(d) Miss Pross

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the condition of Doctor Manette at this time?

2. Who is guarding the Marquis' countryside chateau?

3. What does Carton confess to Lucie when he visits her?

4. Chapter 5 What do most men do as a pastime during the time the story is taking place?

5. Chapter 2 What is the punishment for treason?

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