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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the fate of old Foulon?
(a) The crowd stuffs grass in his mouth, pummels him, drags him, stabs him, and hangs him.
(b) He is killed by wild animals in the wilderness.
(c) He dies of starvation.
(d) He falls into the river and drowns.

2. How does Charles feel about Lucie Manette?
(a) He loves her completely.
(b) She is only a friend to him.
(c) He views her as a sister.
(d) He finds her annoying.

3. What is the reason for the prisoner's acquittal?
(a) Inability to identify him
(b) Many witnesses for his behalf
(c) The confession of a stranger
(d) A letter from the king

4. Chapter 18 What is the condition of Doctor Manette when Charles leaves his room on Lucie's wedding day?
(a) Excited but nervous
(b) Vibrant and happy
(c) Deathly pale
(d) Nervous and fidgety

5. What are Mr. Carton's feelings toward Charles Darnay?
(a) He hopes to become a good friend of his.
(b) He finds him to be intelligent.
(c) He hates him.
(d) He is very fond of him.

6. Chapter 5 What are dozens of Parisians sipping off the ground before it soaks into the earth?
(a) Wine
(b) Whiskey
(c) Rum
(d) Water

7. Chapter 14 What is Jerry Cruncher's secret trade?
(a) He is a bandit.
(b) He is a sheep smuggler.
(c) He is a spy.
(d) He is a grave robber.

8. Chapter 11 What does Stryver confess to Carton after a night of carousing?
(a) He is moving to Paris.
(b) He is joining the King's guard.
(c) He intends to marry Miss Pross.
(d) He intends to marry Lucie.

9. What type of person is Miss Proust's brother, Solomon?
(a) A sad, depressed man
(b) A loyal Englishman
(c) A heartless scoundrel
(d) A loving brother

10. What is Monsieur Defarge's roll in the storming of the Bastille?
(a) He is a cannonier.
(b) He gives supplies to the army.
(c) He is not involved.
(d) He holds the flag.

11. What does Madame Defarge do when the Governor of the Bastille is killed?
(a) She cheers.
(b) She turns and runs away.
(c) She cuts off his head.
(d) She screams at the sight.

12. Chapter 1 Describe Tellson's Bank.
(a) A tiny place with dingy windows
(b) A large bank with huge oak doors
(c) A moderate sized bank with shiny floors
(d) A large, austere bank

13. Who revives Miss Manette with smelling salts after she faints?
(a) Mr. Lorry
(b) Miss Pross
(c) Jerry
(d) The messenger

14. Chapter 3 What is the name of the prosecutor's witness?
(a) John Barsard
(b) Jerry Cruncher
(c) Mr. Carton
(d) Doctor Manette

15. What does Doctor Manette tell Lucie he thought about as he looked at the moon while in prison?
(a) He thought about escape.
(b) He thought about revenge on those who imprisoned him.
(c) He thought about returning to his medical practice.
(d) He thought about the child he had never seen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the condition of Doctor Manette at this time?

2. What is the commotion at the Marquis' home after dinner with Charles?

3. Chapter 22 What does old Foulon tell the starving people to do?

4. Chapter 2 What is the punishment for treason?

5. What does Lucie request of her husband regarding Mr. Carton?

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