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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 3 What is the name of the prosecutor's witness?
(a) John Barsard
(b) Jerry Cruncher
(c) Mr. Carton
(d) Doctor Manette

2. Chapter 4 Who visits Lorry the day after he arrives at the Royal George Hotel?
(a) Mr. Tellson
(b) Miss Pross
(c) Jerry
(d) Miss Lucie Manette

3. What is Mr. Lorry's reaction to Stryver's upcoming plans?
(a) He advises against the plans.
(b) He approves of the plans.
(c) He laughs in Stryver's face.
(d) He is not interested in the plans.

4. What does it mean when Defarge and his followers register the inhabitants of the Marquis' chateau?
(a) Mark them for death
(b) Invite them to the yearly wine tasting
(c) Add them to the list of wine deliveries
(d) Add them as favorite customers

5. What words continue to repeat in Carton's mind as he wanders the streets throughout the night?
(a) Father forgive them.
(b) I am the resurrection and the life.
(c) I am who I am.
(d) Though we walk through the shadows of death

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people does Miss Pross tell Mr. Lorry come calling for Miss Lucie?

2. What is Mr. Lorry grateful for as he sits in Tellson's Bank in Paris?

3. Chapter 8 What does the man hanging onto Marquis Evremonde's carriage do?

4. Chapter 11 What does Stryver confess to Carton after a night of carousing?

5. What does Little Lucie recall later in her life that Carton said to Lucie while she was unconscious?

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