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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 3 What does Jerry ponder that every house, room, and heart in a city holds?
(a) Sad families
(b) Smiling children
(c) Happy families
(d) Its own secret

2. What does Carton purchase after talking to the wood-sawyer?
(a) A silk top hat
(b) Two packets from the chemist
(c) A new pipe
(d) A silver topped cane

3. Chapter 15 What is the gossip of the day at Defarge's wine shop?
(a) The talk is about Lucie Manette's suitor.
(b) Everyone is talking about the man who was seen underneath Marquis Evremonde's carriage.
(c) The talk is about the Marquis refusing to buy a gravestone.
(d) The talk is about Marquis Evremonde's heir.

4. What is the first thing Doctor Manette recognizes about his daughter?
(a) Her eyes
(b) The shape of her mouth
(c) Her hair
(d) Her lips

5. What does Doctor Manette proceed to do after his daughter's wedding?
(a) Make shoes
(b) Sees to patients
(c) Takes a drink
(d) Goes to bed

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 5 What are dozens of Parisians sipping off the ground before it soaks into the earth?

2. What does the newlywed's visitor ask of Charles?

3. What is in the letter that Gabelle sends to Charles Darnay?

4. What steps does Foulon take to protect himself from the revolutionaries?

5. What bothers Lorry about the Defarges?

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