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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mr. Lorry's reaction to Stryver's upcoming plans?
(a) He advises against the plans.
(b) He approves of the plans.
(c) He laughs in Stryver's face.
(d) He is not interested in the plans.

2. What advice does Carton give to Mr. Lorry about Charles' fate?
(a) Don't grieve
(b) Grieve now and never again
(c) Help Lucie to grieve
(d) Help Lucie to accept the circumstances

3. What does Madame Defarge find when she reaches her destination?
(a) The floors are covered in blood.
(b) The place is in disarray, as if someone left hastily.
(c) There are two dead bodies on the floor.
(d) The place is crowded with Republicans.

4. What is the physical and emotional condition of Doctor Manette?
(a) He is strong and proud.
(b) He is weak but happy.
(c) He is thin but lucid.
(d) He is a broken and empty man.

5. Chapter 22 What does old Foulon tell the starving people to do?
(a) Eat grass
(b) Beg for food
(c) Ask for mercy
(d) Steal bread from the rich

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Mr. Lorry and Carton find falling out of the doctor's pocket?

2. What is a typical condition of the common people in France?

3. Chapter 9 How does Charles Darnay react to dining with Marquis Evremonde?

4. What is the new mode of address decreed by the patriots?

5. What is the relationship Carton has with Stryver?

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