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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 18 What is the condition of Doctor Manette when Charles leaves his room on Lucie's wedding day?
(a) Nervous and fidgety
(b) Vibrant and happy
(c) Deathly pale
(d) Excited but nervous

2. What becomes of the King of France in this new era of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and Death?
(a) The king is exile.
(b) The king is tried, doomed, and beheaded.
(c) The king is imprisoned for life.
(d) The king escapes to England for safety.

3. What steps does Foulon take to protect himself from the revolutionaries?
(a) He lives in a cave.
(b) He leaves the country.
(c) He hides in the mountains.
(d) He stages his own death.

4. Who revives Miss Manette with smelling salts after she faints?
(a) Miss Pross
(b) Jerry
(c) The messenger
(d) Mr. Lorry

5. Who is the prisoner accused of treason?
(a) Doctor Manette
(b) Jerry Cruncher
(c) Charles Darnay
(d) Mr. Lorry

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes of the corrupt Court of France?

2. What does Doctor Manette tell Lucie he thought about as he looked at the moon while in prison?

3. Chapter 1 What is the physical appearance of the Kings and Queens of England and France?

4. Who does odd jobs for Tellson's Bank?

5. What does Carton say he would do for Lucie and anyone dear to her?

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