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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is in the letter that Gabelle sends to Charles Darnay?
(a) A request for a new home
(b) A request for employment
(c) A request for money
(d) A request that Charles rescue him from prison

2. What does the newlywed's visitor ask of Charles?
(a) He asks for French lessons.
(b) He asks for a recommendation to Cambridge.
(c) He asks for a loan.
(d) He asks to be his friend.

3. What is Monsieur Defarge's roll in the storming of the Bastille?
(a) He gives supplies to the army.
(b) He is a cannonier.
(c) He is not involved.
(d) He holds the flag.

4. Chapter 10 What does Charles Darnay choose as a career?
(a) A tutor of French literature and language
(b) A soldier for the King
(c) A wine master
(d) A foreign diplomat

5. Who does Dickens describe as the idlest and most unpromising man?
(a) Doctor Manette
(b) Mr. Stryver
(c) Sydney Carton
(d) Charles Darnay

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Charles Darnay find attractive?

2. Chapter 4 Who visits Lorry the day after he arrives at the Royal George Hotel?

3. What is in the note Defarge brings to Mr. Lorry from Doctor Manette?

4. Chapter 4 Who does the acquitted prisoner dine with after the trial?

5. What is the physical and emotional condition of Doctor Manette?

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