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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 19 | Book 2, Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chapter 20 Who is the first person to visit the newlyweds when they return home?
(a) Mr. Lorry
(b) Miss Pross
(c) Doctor Manette
(d) Sydney Carton

2. How does Carton react to Stryver's advice?
(a) Carton is thankful for the advice.
(b) Carton finds him offensive.
(c) Carton seriously considers the advice.
(d) Carton accepts the advice with grace.

3. What does Doctor Manette tell Lucie he thought about as he looked at the moon while in prison?
(a) He thought about escape.
(b) He thought about returning to his medical practice.
(c) He thought about the child he had never seen.
(d) He thought about revenge on those who imprisoned him.

4. How does Charles feel about Lucie Manette?
(a) She is only a friend to him.
(b) He views her as a sister.
(c) He finds her annoying.
(d) He loves her completely.

5. What is the reason for the prisoner's acquittal?
(a) Inability to identify him
(b) Many witnesses for his behalf
(c) The confession of a stranger
(d) A letter from the king

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 8 What does the man hanging onto Marquis Evremonde's carriage do?

2. Chapter 2 What is the name of the hill that the Dover mail carriage is struggling to climb through the mud?

3. What does Mr. Lorry observe about Doctor Manette after Lucie's wedding?

4. How do the three passengers in the coach relate to one another?

5. What is the first thing Doctor Manette recognizes about his daughter?

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