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London - One of the two cities where the book takes place and where the Manettes and Darnay make their home after they are persecuted in France.

Paris - This is a scene of a violent and brutal revolution that wreaks havoc on the lives of the book's main characters.

The guillotine - This is the violent revolutionaries' method of choice for executions.

One Hundred Five, North Tower - Dr. Manette is imprisoned in this cell.

Shoemaker's bench & tools - Dr. Manette comforts himself with these when he reverts back to his trance-like state.

Madame Defarge's knitting - This is a register of people who are marked for execution.

The chateau - This is the home of Monseigneur the Marquis and scene of his assassination.

Saint Antoine - This suburb of Paris where the residents are extremely poor.

Red Caps - These are worn by the revolutionaries...

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