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One of the two cities where the book takes place and where the Manettes and Darnay make their home after they are persecuted in France.


This is a scene of a violent and brutal revolution that wreaks havoc on the lives of the book's main characters.

The guillotine

This is the violent revolutionaries' method of choice for executions.

One Hundred Five, North Tower

Dr. Manette is imprisoned in this cell.

Shoemaker's bench & tools

Dr. Manette comforts himself with these when he reverts back to his trance-like state.

Madame Defarge's knitting

This is a register of people who are marked for execution.

The chateau

This is the home of Monseigneur the Marquis and scene of his assassination.

Saint Antoine

This suburb of Paris where the residents are extremely poor.

Red Caps

These are worn by the revolutionaries, and are symbolic of the newfound freedom of the peasants...

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