A Tale of Two Cities Character Descriptions

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John Barsad

This is the alias for a spy working for the English government, then the French government.

Sydney Carton

This dissipated English lawyer spends a great deal of his life drunk. He has a brilliant legal mind, but his alcoholism keeps him from becoming a success.

Jerry Cruncher

This character is the literal symbol of Dickens' theme of resurrection in the novel. He steals fresh corpses from graveyards and delivers them to medical schools so that students can study human anatomy.

Charles Darnay

This character is the nephew and heir of the Marquis St. Evremonde, the wicked aristocrat who is responsible for the imprisonment of Dr. Manette.

Lucie Darnay

This seventeen-year-old discovers her father's existence in a French jail.

Ernest Defarge

This man is another force in the Revolution.

Madame Therese Defarge

She plots the downfall of the St. Evremondes and other aristocrats.

Charles St. Evremonde


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