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Book 1, Chapter 1 | Book 1, Chapter 2

• Chapter 1

• France and England are cruel in their justice.

• Burglaries and highwaymen are rampant in England.

• Chapter 2

• A messenger, Jerry, delivers a message to Jarvis Lorry.

• Jarvis Lorry, employed by Tellson's Bank, reads the message, "Recalled to life".

Book 1, Chapter 3 | Book 1, Chapter 4

• Chapter 3

• Dickens reflects on the how all people are mysteries to each other.

• Mr. Lorry speaks in a dreamlike state about years of digging and being buried alive for eighteen years.

• Chapter 4

• Miss Lucie Manette arrives from France to visit Mr. Lorry and receive his message.

• Mr. Lorry informs Lucie that her father has been in prison for eighteen years and is now free.

• The plan is to find Lucie's father and bring him back to England.

Book 1, Chapter 5 | Book 1, Chapter 6

• Chapter 5

• Famine is so widespread in France that citizens drink spilled wine off the ground before it soaks into the earth...

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