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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a ship's officer tell other men about Captain Kelley's daughter?
(a) She got pregnant by an Army flier.
(b) She died in a car accident.
(c) She flunked out of college.
(d) She was homecoming queen.

2. What item of Luther Billis' fascinates Tony Fry?
(a) Canoe.
(b) Shark's teeth.
(c) Hawaiian shirt.
(d) Boar's tusk.

3. What is Monsieur Jacques Benoit's position on the island?
(a) Rum plant manager.
(b) Plantation owner.
(c) Overseer.
(d) Liquor importer.

4. Which of the French sisters ends up pregnant?
(a) Marthe.
(b) Laurencin.
(c) Isabel.
(d) Latouche.

5. How does Bloody Mary get her name?
(a) She killed two husbands.
(b) She had a scar on her cheek.
(c) From betel juice dripping from her mouth.
(d) She loved to fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bloody Mary want Joe to do?

2. What holiday is approaching in "Wine for the Mess at Segi"?

3. Who is the chaplain in "A Boar's Tooth"?

4. The husband of the woman in #145 is a _____________.

5. The Red House whorehouse is for ______________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the sacred pig ceremony that the men partake in?

2. How is Captain Kelley compared to Captain Bligh of the Bounty?

3. What is Atabrine and what do the natives use it for?

4. How does Joe accept Liat's marriage to Benoit?

5. Who is Achilles Barzan and why is he a fugitive?

6. For what is Tony Fry well known and what does he convince Bus Adams to do to help him?

7. How does Joe rationalize that Liat is not a native savage?

8. What is the true so-called "strike" of the story?

9. How does the letter Bill Harbison writes to his wife compare to the one Timothy Hewitt writes to his wife?

10. Why is Joe conflicted by his orders to shut down Bloody Mary's trading post?

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