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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom does Joe get his first letter sent by a girl?
(a) Maddie Willows.
(b) Alice Morganstern.
(c) Essie Schultz.
(d) Laura Benton.

2. Why is Nellie upset about Emile's half-Polynesian daughters?
(a) She thought they were so young.
(b) She saw scars on the children.
(c) She considered them half black.
(d) She didn't know he had children.

3. What country is saved with the destruction of the Japanese fleet?
(a) New Zealand.
(b) Canada.
(c) United States.
(d) China.

4. Who is the Seabee who helped Joe find girls?
(a) Joe Willoughby.
(b) Eddie Franks.
(c) Luther Billis.
(d) Mack Watson.

5. What is the code name of the secret mission in "Alligator"?
(a) Alligator.
(b) Salamander.
(c) Swamp.
(d) Jupiter.

6. What design does Admiral Kester order removed from a plane?
(a) Rebel flag.
(b) Naked girls.
(c) Beer bottles.
(d) Swastikas.

7. What is the malaria treatment drug that the men thought would cause them to lose their virility?
(a) Atabrine.
(b) Prozac.
(c) Elavil.
(d) Quinine.

8. From what U.S. state does Nellie come?
(a) Alabama.
(b) Georgia.
(c) Arkansas.
(d) Mississippi.

9. What is Harbison forced to censor?
(a) Military messages.
(b) Television programming.
(c) Soldiers' letters.
(d) Soldiers' entertainment.

10. Who is the girl Tony Fry is having an affair with?
(a) Lea.
(b) Lucy.
(c) Linea.
(d) Lalani.

11. Where are Admiral Kester's headquarters located?
(a) Pearl Harbor.
(b) Korea.
(c) The Phillippines.
(d) Noumea.

12. Who was the famous captain on the ship, Bounty?
(a) Captain Bligh.
(b) Captain Cook.
(c) Captain Weston.
(d) Captain Alden.

13. Who attacks the car with Emile and Nellie inside?
(a) Three Japanese soldiers.
(b) Four American servicemen.
(c) Two Australian sailors.
(d) A group of natives.

14. Where is the narrator sent in April of 1942?
(a) Vanicoro Island.
(b) Bora Bora.
(c) The Phillippines.
(d) Aleutian Islands.

15. Why does Nellie call off her marriage to Emile?
(a) He beat her.
(b) He had children with a so-called "nigger".
(c) He was too old for her.
(d) He didn't have any money.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what disease do many of the men stationed near the Coral Sea suffer?

2. What puts Harbison in a bad mood and makes him break up with the woman in #31?

3. What type of disease does Joe get?

4. Who is Emile De Becque?

5. Who is the girl who wrote to Joe and then died in a car accident?

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