Tales of the South Pacific Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the content of "The South Pacific" story?

"The South Pacific" story provides an overview of some of main characters in the stories and some foreshadowing of the direction of the action. It also makes a point of contrasting the war in the South Pacific to the more conventional fighting in Europe and North Africa. There is a lot of waiting time for American servicemen and women on various islands between any real action.

2. What is Tony Fry known for because there is so much down time on the islands?

Because there is so much down time on the islands, there are lots of shenanigans, like when Tony Fry has a TBF-plane that serves solely to haul whiskey and beer, with beer bottles painted on it. This is a little too obvious for Admiral Kester, who is trying to maintain discipline and demands that the beer design be taken off the plane. Still, Tony Fry continues using his plane to make runs for booze.

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