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Kuralei - This is a fictional island that is like other islands conquered during the Sea Pacific campaign from the Japanese.

Konora - This is a very small coral island that is conquered a couple of weeks before the attack on Kuralei.

Bali-ha'i - This is a safe haven for the young, unmarried women of the New Hebrides from male soldiers who may assault them.

Vanicoro - This is an island known for its primitive natives that not too long ago were making shrunken heads out of their dead enemies.

Efate - Lt. Bill Harbison and Nurse Nellie are deployed here in the hinterlands of the island.

LARU-8 - This is the acronym for Land Based Aircraft Repair Unit #8.

The Bouncing Belch - This is a condemned TBF plane, a type of bomber.

The Children of Emile De Becque - Stories about these women are included in...

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