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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the names of the boy's aunt and uncle?

2. The man considers his external life to be ____.

3. Where is Dunwich located?

4. Carson is told that ____ is child's play compared to the things Abigail could do with magic.

5. Who does the teacher meet in the bookstore?

Short Essay Questions

1. Phillip discovers Julian's secret activity. What is the activity? What is Phillip's reaction?

2. Who is Albert Wilmarth? Why is he an important part of the story?

3. Who are the main characters in the story In My Boat? Who is the protagonist? Where did the characters meet?

4. What happens when Strutt meets the proprietor of the book shop? What is Strutt's reaction?

5. Who is the protagonist in The Shambler from the Stars? What is his main focus?

6. What is the prequel to The Shadow from the Steeple? In The Shadow from the Steeple Fiske arrives on the scene with a specific focus. What is Fiske's focus?

7. Why does the quest for Lang and Urquart seem fruitless and hopeless?

8. What happens to Professor Gardner at Rick's Lake? Who takes on Gardner's case?

9. What happens to the writer's translator friend when he begins to read the Latin text of De Vermis Mysteriis?

10. What happens when Carson discovers the secret room? Who turns up in the room due to an element of evil activity? Who rids the house of the entity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Most, if not all, of the stories come from "Weird Tales." The publication was highly influential in Lovecraft's time. Learn about Weird Tales. Write a 750 word essay on the publication, including its contributors, artists, and the fact that it seemed to be a stepping stone to great success for many authors.

Essay Topic 2

"Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos" by H. P. Lovecraft centers on the legend of the Cthulhu. Examine the Cthulhu and the legends that surround the entities. Why are the Cthulhu referred to as the "Great Ones?" Where is R'lyeh? Why are characters warned to avoid the Cthulhu? What happens when certain characters ignore the warnings? What types of things do the Cthulhu do to humans? Do you believe that such an entity could or does exist? Also examine how the characters come to know about the Cthulhu. Discuss the sailors' tales about their encounters with the Great Ones.

Essay Topic 3

Sorcerers are said to be very powerful people with a gift and knowledge of magic. The sorcerer's spells and rites are highly secretive and therefore sought by many. Discuss sorcerers. Do sorcerers exist? If so, where? How do they work? What types of powers might be used by a sorcerer? Are sorcerers evil? Are the secrets often passed down? Are sorcerers different than witches? Explain.

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