Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is the main character in The Call of Cthulhu? What is his relationship to the deceased character? How does the initial discovery occur?

The main character in The Call of Cthulhu is Francis Wayland Thurston. Thurston has been given the task of performing the services of executor to his grand-uncle George Gammell Angell, Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages at Brown University. Thurston must go through Angell's things to determine what the man left behind and decide what to do with it now that Angell is dead. Thurston makes the initial discovery of the statue while going through Angell's things.

2. Discuss the item found by Thurston. Describe it as well as Thurston's opinion of the object. What accompanies the object?

Thurston goes through his grand-uncle's things. One box of belongings contains a bas-relief sculpture depicting strange hieroglyphics and a crouching and clawed figure of vaguely humanoid outline bearing an apparently pulpy head with features somewhat akin to an octopus. Along with the sculpture, Thurston finds a mass of documents in a file labeled "Cthulhu Cult." The documents explain that the sculpture was created in 1925 by Henry Anthony Wilcox, a local artist of some renown.

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