Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos Fun Activities

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Learn about Aliens

Find at least three cultures that believe in alien invasions and domination. Compare their beliefs to those in the book. Also read about aliens in the U.S. and modern society.

Write a Short Story

Write a short story about the discovery of an ancient artifact that would prove the existence of an unknown ancient civilization. Where might you find the civilization? What is the civilization? How does the discovery affect modern society, history and science? Explain.

Watch a Movie

Stephen King's contribution to the book is "Jerusalem's Lot. " The story would later be adapted by King and retitled "Salem's Lot." Watch the movie adaptation of the story, titled "Salem's Lot."

Draw a Sketch

Draw a sketch of the boat that is used in "My Boat." Choose three separate phases to show the drastic changes that take place. Describe each change and how you think...

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