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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Norman Neal Williams tell Mary Ann he does for a job?
(a) Ministers at a gospel church.
(b) Sells organic vitamins.
(c) Writes restaurant reviews.
(d) Creates ad campaigns.

2. While they wait for Lexy in the car, what does Norman hint that he wants from Mary Ann?
(a) He wants a relationship with her.
(b) He wants her to take care of Lexy.
(c) He wants to see her dressed as Wonder Woman.
(d) He wants her to find out about Mrs. Madrigal.

3. How does Vincent kill himself?
(a) He shots himself.
(b) He hangs himself.
(c) He overdoses on drugs.
(d) He drinks too much.

4. When DeDe returns home after losing weight, what does Beauchamp tell her?
(a) That he wants a divorce.
(b) The he has been working hard.
(c) That he is in love with Peter.
(d) That he has been spending time with Edgar.

5. Which type of questions is DeDe happy to answer for Carson Callas?
(a) Questions about school.
(b) Questions about her abortion.
(c) Questions about Fol de Rol.
(d) Questions about art appreciation.

6. Why does Vincent decide not to slit his wrists?
(a) It is a painful way to die.
(b) Is makes a huge mess.
(c) Is is unfair to Mary Ann.
(d) It would upset for his wife.

7. Why does Mona tell Michael that she is moving out?
(a) She cannot stand living with Michael any longer.
(b) She is going to be with D'orothea.
(c) She got in a fight with Mrs. Madrigal.
(d) She cannot afford to pay the rent any more.

8. While in suburbia, what does Norman reveal to Mary Ann?
(a) His wife left him while he was in Vietnam.
(b) Lexy is his daughter.
(c) His wife died.
(d) He wants to have a child with Mary Ann.

9. Where does Norman tell Mary Ann that Mrs. Madrigal used to work?
(a) A book store in Long Beach.
(b) A music store in Sacramento.
(c) A clothing store in Los Angeles.
(d) A vitamin shop in San Diego.

10. What does Norman bring Mary Ann on the morning after Vincent's suicide?
(a) Coffee.
(b) A note from Vincent.
(c) A helpful magazine article.
(d) Flowers.

11. When the reader first thinks that Frannie and DeDe are having a conversation about Edgar's illness, who are they really talking about?
(a) DeDe's baby.
(b) Frannie's dog.
(c) Frannie's friend.
(d) DeDe's cat.

12. How are Candi and Cheryl related?
(a) Candi is Cheryl's mother.
(b) Candi and Cheryl are roommates.
(c) Candi and Cheryl are sisters.
(d) Cheryl is Candi's mother.

13. With whom does Mary Ann go trick or treating?
(a) Norman and Lexy.
(b) Mona and D'orothea.
(c) Brian and Connie.
(d) Michael and Jon.

14. What does Carson Callas insinuate DeDe has to do in order for him to keep her pregnancy a secret?
(a) Sleep with him.
(b) Buy a painting.
(c) Buy him a painting.
(d) Have an abortion.

15. While they are walking on the cliff, what does Mary Ann tell Norman?
(a) She fears that he ran out of money.
(b) She knows he is a private investigator.
(c) She knows he had sex with Lexy.
(d) She wants to start a relationship with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. When he goes to a bathhouse after a boring dinner party, with whom does Jon have intercourse?

2. Why does Michael become embarrassed when he is out for dinner with his parents?

3. When Mary Ann is out with Norman after the movie, why is she humiliated?

4. When Mary Ann breaks into Norman's apartment, where does she look?

5. What can the reader infer after learning that Norman investigated Mrs. Madrigal's past?

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