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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While in suburbia, what does Norman reveal to Mary Ann?
(a) He wants to have a child with Mary Ann.
(b) Lexy is his daughter.
(c) His wife died.
(d) His wife left him while he was in Vietnam.

2. After hearing that Mona moved out, what does Mrs. Madrigal question Michael about?
(a) If he knows why Mona moved out.
(b) If he understands that she will be lonely without Mona.
(c) If he persuaded Mona to leave.
(d) If he knows the true relationship between her and Mona.

3. What does D'orothea tell Brian that she does for work?
(a) She owns a swimsuit company.
(b) She is a model.
(c) She owns a restaurant.
(d) She is an ad executive.

4. When Micheal's parents first arrive, what do they tease him about?
(a) Wearing a costume.
(b) Being a homosexual.
(c) Mona moving out.
(d) Winning the dance contest.

5. Who is the father of DeDe's baby?
(a) Splinter.
(b) Brian.
(c) Beauchamp.
(d) Lionel.

6. Just after the contest is over, what does Michael do?
(a) He cries in Mona's arms.
(b) He leaves for a bathhouse.
(c) He surrenders to a hug in Jon's arms.
(d) He celebrates with a drink.

7. After the movie, where does Norman take Mary Ann?
(a) A friend's house.
(b) A Chinese restaurant.
(c) A nightclub's dance contest.
(d) Barbary Lane.

8. What does Carson Callas insinuate DeDe has to do in order for him to keep her pregnancy a secret?
(a) Buy him a painting.
(b) Have an abortion.
(c) Sleep with him.
(d) Buy a painting.

9. How does Mona react to D'orothea's long telephone conversations with her friends back in New York?
(a) Mona worries that D'orothea will move back.
(b) Mona grows increasingly impatient.
(c) Mona gets frustrated with the phone bill.
(d) Mona feels relieved that D'orothea has friends.

10. When Mary Ann tells Michael that she is uneasy about Norman, what does Michael suggest?
(a) They should call the police.
(b) They should ask him to move out.
(c) They should break into his apartment.
(d) They should tell Mrs. Madrigal.

11. After Michael and Brian have an unsuccessful cruising expedition, where do they go?
(a) Mona's new apartment.
(b) A bathhouse.
(c) Barbary Lane.
(d) A coffee shop.

12. When Brian first invites Mary Ann to join him for a joint after her shift at the switchboard, how does she react?
(a) She eagerly accepts.
(b) She accepts with hesitation.
(c) She tells him that she may stop by.
(d) She flatly refuses.

13. What is Michael's plan to earn some money?
(a) Entering an underwear dance contest.
(b) Entering a hot dog eating contest.
(c) Pan-handling for money on the street.
(d) Getting a second job.

14. What happens when Norman and Mary Ann kiss?
(a) His clip-on tie comes off in her hand.
(b) His toupe flies off in the wind.
(c) Her scarf comes off in his hand.
(d) Her purse falls on the ground.

15. Why does Michael become embarrassed when he is out for dinner with his parents?
(a) Gay men in skimpy outfits dance by.
(b) Gay men in nuns' habits roller skate by.
(c) He is approached by a gay man who kisses him.
(d) He forgets his wallet and cannot pay for dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. After returning home from a gospel church, what happens to Mona?

2. When does Edgar tell Mrs. Madrigal that he will arrive at her party?

3. Where does Norman tell Mary Ann that Mrs. Madrigal used to work?

4. What does Norman bring Mary Ann on the morning after Vincent's suicide?

5. With whom does Mary Ann go trick or treating?

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