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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After learning from Jon that she gets pregnant, what does DeDe tell Jon?
(a) She tells him she is considering an abortion.
(b) She tells him she is positive she is having twins.
(c) She tells him that she is going to put the baby up for adoption.
(d) She tells him that she is going to leave her husband.

2. When does Edgar tell Mrs. Madrigal that he will arrive at her party?
(a) He will come after he has dinner with Frannie.
(b) He will come when he is finished with Williams.
(c) He will come early to help set up.
(d) He will come after he has a kidney treatment.

3. Just after the contest is over, what does Michael do?
(a) He cries in Mona's arms.
(b) He leaves for a bathhouse.
(c) He celebrates with a drink.
(d) He surrenders to a hug in Jon's arms.

4. While they wait for Lexy in the car, what does Norman hint that he wants from Mary Ann?
(a) He wants to see her dressed as Wonder Woman.
(b) He wants her to take care of Lexy.
(c) He wants a relationship with her.
(d) He wants her to find out about Mrs. Madrigal.

5. When she returns home after finding Vincent dead, who does Mary Ann visit?
(a) Brian.
(b) Mona.
(c) Norman.
(d) Mrs. Madrigal.

6. What is Michael's reaction when he receives a phone call from his mother saying that his parents are coming to visit?
(a) Annoyance.
(b) Excitement.
(c) Anger.
(d) Shock.

7. Who is the doctor that Binky recommends to DeDe?
(a) Michael's boyfriend, Jon.
(b) Mrs. Madrigal's new tenant.
(c) Mona's friend, D'orothea.
(d) Mary Ann's friend from her volunteer job.

8. While they are walking on the cliff, what does Mary Ann tell Norman?
(a) She wants to start a relationship with him.
(b) She knows he is a private investigator.
(c) She fears that he ran out of money.
(d) She knows he had sex with Lexy.

9. What does D'orothea say is the reason her last relationship ended?
(a) The other person moved to San Francisco.
(b) D'orothea had an affair with a woman.
(c) The other person had an affair with an ad executive.
(d) D'orothea decided to move to San Francisco.

10. What does Michael's father call homosexuals?
(a) Gays.
(b) Queers.
(c) Weirdos.
(d) Fruits.

11. When Mary Ann is out with Norman after the movie, why is she humiliated?
(a) She leaves the bathroom with toilet paper on her shoe.
(b) A waiter spills food on her blouse.
(c) She leaves the bathroom with her skirt stuck in her stockings.
(d) A waiter yells at her to wash her hands.

12. What does D'orothea tell Brian that she does for work?
(a) She owns a swimsuit company.
(b) She is an ad executive.
(c) She owns a restaurant.
(d) She is a model.

13. Where does Brian pick up Candi?
(a) A grocery store.
(b) A diner.
(c) A nightclub.
(d) A laundromat.

14. Edgar's father changes the family name from __________ to Halcyon.
(a) Halburt.
(b) Hallmark.
(c) Halstein.
(d) Halwood.

15. What does Edgar think is the reason Williams called him about Mrs. Madrigal?
(a) He thinks Williams wants to pump him for information.
(b) He fears that Williams knows about Mrs. Madrigal's past.
(c) He thinks Williams wants to blackmail him about the affair.
(d) He worries Williams wants to hurt Mrs. Madrigal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the result of the contest Michael entered?

2. After the movie, where does Norman take Mary Ann?

3. Why does Vincent decide not to slit his wrists?

4. After hearing that Mona moved out, what does Mrs. Madrigal question Michael about?

5. Of what does Michael's father assure him?

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