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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Just after the contest is over, what does Michael do?
(a) He leaves for a bathhouse.
(b) He surrenders to a hug in Jon's arms.
(c) He cries in Mona's arms.
(d) He celebrates with a drink.

2. What does Carson Callas insinuate DeDe has to do in order for him to keep her pregnancy a secret?
(a) Sleep with him.
(b) Buy him a painting.
(c) Have an abortion.
(d) Buy a painting.

3. Who is the father of DeDe's baby?
(a) Brian.
(b) Splinter.
(c) Lionel.
(d) Beauchamp.

4. After the movie, where does Norman take Mary Ann?
(a) A nightclub's dance contest.
(b) Barbary Lane.
(c) A Chinese restaurant.
(d) A friend's house.

5. What is the result of the contest Michael entered?
(a) Michael wins.
(b) Jon wins.
(c) Brian wins.
(d) Michael comes in second.

6. What is Candi's job?
(a) She is a prostitute.
(b) She is a food critic.
(c) She is a waitress.
(d) She is a cook.

7. What is Michael's plan to earn some money?
(a) Entering a hot dog eating contest.
(b) Entering an underwear dance contest.
(c) Pan-handling for money on the street.
(d) Getting a second job.

8. Which type of questions is DeDe happy to answer for Carson Callas?
(a) Questions about Fol de Rol.
(b) Questions about school.
(c) Questions about her abortion.
(d) Questions about art appreciation.

9. What can the reader infer after learning that Norman investigated Mrs. Madrigal's past?
(a) Norman is clever.
(b) Norman is a busy body.
(c) Norman is helpful.
(d) Norman is menacing.

10. When Mary Ann is out with Norman after the movie, why is she humiliated?
(a) She leaves the bathroom with her skirt stuck in her stockings.
(b) She leaves the bathroom with toilet paper on her shoe.
(c) A waiter spills food on her blouse.
(d) A waiter yells at her to wash her hands.

11. What is the main reason that Norman calls Paul for in the film shoot?
(a) Norman is an actor.
(b) Norman wants to be famous.
(c) Norman needs money.
(d) Norman wants to talk with Paul.

12. Why does Mona tell Michael that she is moving out?
(a) She got in a fight with Mrs. Madrigal.
(b) She cannot stand living with Michael any longer.
(c) She cannot afford to pay the rent any more.
(d) She is going to be with D'orothea.

13. When the reader first thinks that Frannie and DeDe are having a conversation about Edgar's illness, who are they really talking about?
(a) Frannie's dog.
(b) DeDe's baby.
(c) Frannie's friend.
(d) DeDe's cat.

14. On her return trip home after losing weight, what does DeDe realize?
(a) She is angry with Mary Ann.
(b) She does not love Beauchamp any more.
(c) She missed her period.
(d) She lost her luggage.

15. What does D'orothea tell Mona when the two women are out to lunch?
(a) She wants to be back in a relationship with Mona.
(b) She hopes Mona will move back to New York with her.
(c) She hopes Mona can help her find work in San Francisco.
(d) She wants to know why Mona ended their relationship.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Norman Neal Williams tell Mary Ann he does for a job?

2. Where is Beauchamp when DeDe calls Binky to ask for the name of a doctor?

3. While they are walking on the cliff, what does Mary Ann tell Norman?

4. Why does Vincent decide not to slit his wrists?

5. What is Michael's reaction when he receives a phone call from his mother saying that his parents are coming to visit?

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