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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 111 through 115.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At his brunch with Mary Ann, what does Norman say is his relationship to Lexy?
(a) Lexy is his friend's daughter.
(b) Lexy is his daughter's friend.
(c) Lexy is his girlfriend's friend.
(d) Lexy is his friend's girlfriend.

2. Why does Frannie come out of the bathroom at her party?
(a) She gets relieved that her party will be written about in the newspaper.
(b) She gets dragged out of the bathroom by an angry Edgar.
(c) She hears that the missing person has returned.
(d) She needs to socialize so her party will be a huge success.

3. What does D'orothea tell Brian that she does for work?
(a) She owns a swimsuit company.
(b) She is a model.
(c) She is an ad executive.
(d) She owns a restaurant.

4. What is Michael's plan to earn some money?
(a) Entering an underwear dance contest.
(b) Pan-handling for money on the street.
(c) Getting a second job.
(d) Entering a hot dog eating contest.

5. What do Beauchamp and Peter do at the opera?
(a) Snort cocaine.
(b) Pick up on women.
(c) Leave at intermission.
(d) Drink alcohol.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Post-Mortem," what does Mary Ann do after looking at the "moon river"?

2. Where does Edgar go after his doctor's appointment?

3. How does Mary Ann know Connie Bradshaw?

4. During Norman's phone call from his pushy client, what does he reveal about Mrs. Madrigal?

5. When Mary Ann is out with Norman after the movie, why is she humiliated?

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