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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 111 through 115.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the result of the contest Michael entered?
(a) Brian wins.
(b) Michael wins.
(c) Jon wins.
(d) Michael comes in second.

2. Who is DeDe embarrassed to see at Frannie's party?
(a) Michael and Mona.
(b) The Chinese delivery boy.
(c) Beauchamp's friend Peter.
(d) Splinter and his wife.

3. What does DeDe learn from Splinter?
(a) Beauchamp is about to surprise her with something.
(b) Beauchamp has been spending her money.
(c) Beauchamp lied about his name.
(d) Beauchamp lied about where he went.

4. Over whom do Beauchamp and Edgar argue in "Edgar Blows Up"?
(a) Mona.
(b) Mary Ann.
(c) Frannie.
(d) DeDe.

5. After Beauchamp comes home at four in the morning, DeDe goes for a walk and decides what?
(a) To take a trip with Binky.
(b) To leave her husband.
(c) To have the baby.
(d) To continue her affair with Callas.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Micheal's parents first arrive, what do they tease him about?

2. After admitting that his wife left him, what does Vincent do?

3. During his argument with DeDe, what does Beauchamp say he was doing with Mary Ann?

4. Where does Norman tell Mary Ann that Mrs. Madrigal used to work?

5. When does Edgar tell Mrs. Madrigal that he will arrive at her party?

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