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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 90 through 98.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After being fired, what does Mona tell Mrs. Madrigal?
(a) That she has money saved.
(b) That she will go back to school.
(c) That she needs to find another roommate.
(d) That she cannot afford her rent anymore.

2. What is the reason Edgar gives for telling Mrs. Madrigal he would take Mona back?
(a) He cannot fill Mona's position.
(b) He has an important client who wants to work with Mona.
(c) He wants Mrs. Madrigal to get her rent money.
(d) He knows Mrs. Madrigal cares about her.

3. From whom does Michael want to keep the contest he enters a secret?
(a) Jon.
(b) Mona.
(c) Norman.
(d) Mary Ann.

4. In "Enter Mona," how does Mona help Mary Ann?
(a) She gets her a job interview.
(b) She helps put the trash in the correct bins.
(c) She directs her to the grocery store.
(d) She invites her to dinner.

5. What gift does Mary Ann receive as her welcome gift?
(a) Cookies.
(b) Flowers.
(c) A plant.
(d) A marijuana cigarette.

Short Answer Questions

1. When DeDe returns home after losing weight, what does Beauchamp tell her?

2. What does DeDe learn from Splinter?

3. On her first date with Edgar, what does Mrs. Madrigal use to bribe the young people to use the kite?

4. What does Norman bring Mary Ann on the morning after Vincent's suicide?

5. What assumption does DeDe make about how Carson Callas learns of her pregnancy?

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