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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 78 through 83.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Micheal's parents first arrive, what do they tease him about?
(a) Winning the dance contest.
(b) Mona moving out.
(c) Being a homosexual.
(d) Wearing a costume.

2. When Michael's father tells him to keep away from homosexuals, how does Michael respond?
(a) He tells his father that he will look for a job with a heterosexual boss.
(b) He tells his father that he is homosexual.
(c) He tells his father that there are so many of them in the city.
(d) He tells his father that he is not their type.

3. After telling Edgar how long he has to live, what advice does the doctor give Edgar?
(a) To spend time with his wife.
(b) To enjoy his time.
(c) To exercise more.
(d) To work less.

4. Where does Connie first take Mary Ann?
(a) An orgy.
(b) A nightclub.
(c) 28 Barbary Lane.
(d) Social Safeway.

5. Why does Michael become embarrassed when he is out for dinner with his parents?
(a) He forgets his wallet and cannot pay for dinner.
(b) He is approached by a gay man who kisses him.
(c) Gay men in nuns' habits roller skate by.
(d) Gay men in skimpy outfits dance by.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mary Ann consider moving back to Cleveland?

2. Which character does Edgar meet at the park when he is there after finding out how long he has to live?

3. When Brian first invites Mary Ann to join him for a joint after her shift at the switchboard, how does she react?

4. Which character seems to hide a secret?

5. What happens when Norman and Mary Ann kiss?

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