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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 99 through 104.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Social Safeway?
(a) A place for gay men to meet each other in San Francisco.
(b) The name of a nightclub that Connie frequents.
(c) The nickname given to Connie because she loves to meet people.
(d) A time for single men and women to meet at the grocery store.

2. Why is Edgar seeing Ruby Miller?
(a) He has an affair.
(b) He works with her.
(c) He has health problems.
(d) He plans a social function with her.

3. During Norman's phone call from his pushy client, what does he reveal about Mrs. Madrigal?
(a) She is from the midwest.
(b) Her name is an anagram.
(c) Her husband had an affair.
(d) She misses her son.

4. What does D'orothea tell Brian that she does for work?
(a) She is an ad executive.
(b) She owns a restaurant.
(c) She owns a swimsuit company.
(d) She is a model.

5. When she returns home after finding Vincent dead, who does Mary Ann visit?
(a) Brian.
(b) Mrs. Madrigal.
(c) Norman.
(d) Mona.

Short Answer Questions

1. What color shirt is Connie Bradshaw wearing when she meets Brian?

2. Why is Mona fired from her job?

3. After hearing that Williams called Edgar, what does Mrs. Madrigal tell Edgar?

4. In "Post-Mortem," what does Mary Ann do after looking at the "moon river"?

5. Upon arriving at the cabin in Mendocino, what is Mary Ann bothered by?

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