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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 84 through 89.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Beauchamp when DeDe calls Binky to ask for the name of a doctor?
(a) At work.
(b) With Mary Ann.
(c) Meeting with Edgar.
(d) Walking the dog.

2. What does Carson Callas insinuate DeDe has to do in order for him to keep her pregnancy a secret?
(a) Sleep with him.
(b) Have an abortion.
(c) Buy him a painting.
(d) Buy a painting.

3. Where does Brian pick up Candi?
(a) A diner.
(b) A grocery store.
(c) A nightclub.
(d) A laundromat.

4. After hearing that Mona moved out, what does Mrs. Madrigal question Michael about?
(a) If he understands that she will be lonely without Mona.
(b) If he knows the true relationship between her and Mona.
(c) If he persuaded Mona to leave.
(d) If he knows why Mona moved out.

5. Who is the doctor that Binky recommends to DeDe?
(a) Mrs. Madrigal's new tenant.
(b) Mona's friend, D'orothea.
(c) Mary Ann's friend from her volunteer job.
(d) Michael's boyfriend, Jon.

Short Answer Questions

1. After returning home from a gospel church, what happens to Mona?

2. Who is Boris?

3. In "Post-Mortem," what does Mary Ann do after looking at the "moon river"?

4. What assumption does DeDe make about how Carson Callas learns of her pregnancy?

5. What does Beauchamp do just after DeDe confronts him about the lie he told about going to a club meeting for the weekend?

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