Tales of the City Character Descriptions

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Mary Ann Singleton

This character moves from Cleveland to San Francisco.

Mrs. Madrigal

This character knowingly has an affair with a married person.

Michael Tolliver

This character is an openly homosexual male.

Mona Ramsey

This character drifts from job to job in search of something to give life meaning.

Edgar Halcyon

This character is a business person and parent.

Beauchamp Day

This character is arrogant and manipulative.

DeDe Day

This minor character transforms from a shallow to a strong person.

Brian Hawkins

This character is a heterosexual male who befriends a homosexual man.

Connie Bradshaw

This character is a flight attendant who loves having a good time.

Frannie Halcyon

This character is a socially conscious alcoholic.

Jon Fielding

This character is a homosexual concerned with his professional reputation.

D'orothea Wilson

This character uses medication to alter their skin tone.

Norman Neal Williams

This character is a lonely child...

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