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Chapters 1 through 6

• Mary Ann Singleton decides to stay in San Francisco, where she has been on vacation.

• She calls her mother in Cleveland to tell her that she is staying and then calls her friend from high school, Connie Bradshaw, to see if she can stay with her. Connie agrees.

• Mary Ann and Connie go to a nightclub. Mary Ann is propositioned by a "long-haired man" and leaves the club. She wakes later that night when Connie returns home with the same man.
• Mary Ann searches for an apartment. She ends up at 28 Barbary Lane where Mrs. Madrigal says she can move in immediately.

• Connie invites Mary Ann to Social Safeway, a meeting place for singles.

• At Social Safeway, Mary Ann doesn't like the aggressive sexuality. She is comforted briefly by an attractive man, but when his boyfriend, Michael joins the conversation, she leaves.

• The next day, Mary...

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