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Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tu Aji feel about death?
(a) He resents the fact that he must someday die.
(b) He is afraid of death.
(c) He is ready to face the next world.
(d) He wants more time on earth.

2. What kind of house does Dayu Raka have ready for Rita?
(a) She has a room adjacent to the family home.
(b) A hut.
(c) A very beautiful, luxurious one.
(d) A clean yet spartan house.

3. Why does Rita climb the mountains?
(a) She wants to prove that she can.
(b) She wants to meet the people who live in the mountains.
(c) She loves exercising.
(d) She wants to see the country from a high point.

4. How does the king treat the woman who gives him the message from the spirits?
(a) He has her killed.
(b) He treats her normally. It isn't she who gives the message, she is just the vessel through whom the spirits speak.
(c) He has her honored for bringing such good news.
(d) He has her whipped.

5. Why is Rita concerned about her trek?
(a) She is very out of shape.
(b) Her companions make her nervous.
(c) She doesn't like new experiences.
(d) She isn't comfortable with the guide.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who flies Rita to the next village visit?

2. What happens to the baby with whom they travel ?

3. What do Jan and Rita think about spirits after their experience?

4. How long does Jan stay when she comes to Bali?

5. What happens to the book Rita writes about her experience?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the housing situation in which Rita, finds herself on Bali.

2. How does Rita feel about spirituality?

3. What is Tu Man's relationship with Jan?

4. What is it that Rita does not like about Hans?

5. What is Dr. Galdika like?

6. How does Rita contribute to the household when she lives at Dayu Raka's place?

7. Rita visits her mom and is alarmed by her weakness. How does she react to her mother's health situation?

8. Why does Rita move to Vancouver?

9. What would be the benefits of having a telephone in Kerambitan?

10. What happens with Hans' wound?

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