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Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the king treat the woman who gives him the message from the spirits?
(a) He has her killed.
(b) He treats her normally. It isn't she who gives the message, she is just the vessel through whom the spirits speak.
(c) He has her honored for bringing such good news.
(d) He has her whipped.

2. Why is the child scared of Rita?
(a) Her actions are too abrupt.
(b) She tells strange stories.
(c) Her voice is too loud.
(d) She looks different from anyone he has ever encountered.

3. How does Rita feel after she goes back to Bali?
(a) She realizes that it is home, and she never wants to leave.
(b) She wants to leave immediately.
(c) She loves it more than ever.
(d) Things aren't the same as before.

4. What stops Rita from staying in one of the village houses?
(a) The inhabitants scare her away.
(b) She would have to climb up a tree.
(c) The people are very ill.
(d) She doesn't like the atmosphere in the village.

5. Why is Rita concerned about her mother?
(a) Her mother has Alzheimer's.
(b) Her mother is depressed after the death of her husband.
(c) Her mother's Parkinson's is getting worse.
(d) Her mother has fallen and broken her hip.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the spirits tell the king?

2. What is Rita's favorite thing to do in Vancouver?

3. How does Rita help the wives?

4. What is a highlight of Rita's visit with Dr. Galdika?

5. What is Dr. Galdikas rule regarding the forest?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Rita's house in Vancouver.

2. How does Rita prepare for her time in Irian Jaya?

3. What happens to the book Rita writes about the orangutan experience?

4. What is Tu Man's relationship with Jan?

5. Describe the housing situation in which Rita, finds herself on Bali.

6. Why does Rita move to Vancouver?

7. What would be the benefits of having a telephone in Kerambitan?

8. How does Rita feel about the hierarchy of the island?

9. How does Rita feel about spirituality?

10. What is Dr. Galdika like?

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