Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zahava want Rita to experience?
(a) The joy of a big family Sabbath.
(b) A day in the Israeli educational system.
(c) A day in the country.
(d) The seriousness of a religious service.

2. Where does Rita get the idea to go to Indonesia?
(a) At her high school reunion.
(b) After meeting an Indonesian.
(c) After blindly settling her finger on a map.
(d) After reading a book.

3. Why does Rita have a respect for street entertainers?
(a) She is somewhat envious of their extroverted nature.
(b) She appreciates the joy they bring to the world.
(c) She is very clumsy and doesn't know how they do their acts.
(d) She thinks they are creative.

4. Who teaches Rita Indonesian?
(a) She teaches herself and won't accept help from anyone else.
(b) The maid.
(c) An American student.
(d) A school she attends in Indonesia.

5. Of what is the author afraid at the beginning of Chapter 2?
(a) Strangers.
(b) Illness.
(c) Meeting people.
(d) Loneliness.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rita do for her 49th birthday?

2. Who does Rita imagine she sees when looking out over the plaza toward the Temple of the Inscriptions?

3. How do the men treat Rita?

4. What do the children ask Rita to do?

5. What does Rita realize while she is touring the museums in Mexico City?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Rita discover about her lifestyle when she goes to her high school reunion?

2. How is Rita connected to the military when she visits the Galapagos?

3. How does Rita feel about going home?

4. What is the political situation like in Nicaragua?

5. What sort of reception does Rita get when she stays in the Zapotec village?

6. What is happening in Rita's marriage?

7. Why does Rita decide to travel, and why does she go alone?

8. How does Rita feel after she returns from the Galapagos?

9. What is the Traveler's Network like?

10. How are women treated in the communities Rita visits in Israel?

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