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Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rita realize when she goes to pay for her store purchases?
(a) She has left her wallet at home.
(b) Prices are extremely high.
(c) They should have charged her more.
(d) She still has money from Bali.

2. What is a highlight of Rita's visit with Dr. Galdika?
(a) A boat ride and walk with Dr. Galdika's husband.
(b) Writing in the jungle.
(c) Feeding the animals.
(d) Writing in the marsh.

3. What does Rita think about her house in Vancouver?
(a) She decides she'd rather live in an apartment.
(b) It will do for the time being. It's better than nothing.
(c) She can't wait to leave it.
(d) She loves it, and she is quickly ready to entertain.

4. What is the treasure Tu Aji's ancestors found in the caves?
(a) Jewels.
(b) Gold.
(c) Birds.
(d) Silver.

5. Why is the child scared of Rita?
(a) Her actions are too abrupt.
(b) Her voice is too loud.
(c) She looks different from anyone he has ever encountered.
(d) She tells strange stories.

6. What is Dr. Galdikas rule regarding the forest?
(a) No photographs.
(b) No plant-cutting.
(c) No taking samples.
(d) No talking.

7. Who dies shortly after Tu Nini?
(a) Rita's dad.
(b) Jan.
(c) Tu Biang.
(d) The king.

8. What happens to the book Rita writes about her experience?
(a) It is broken into a series of articles.
(b) It becomes a best seller.
(c) It becomes a series.
(d) It is never published.

9. What does Rita think of sago, the main food staple of the tree village?
(a) She thinks it is dry and flavorless, but eats it anyway.
(b) She asks for the recipe.
(c) She loves it.
(d) She spits it out.

10. Bali is noted for all the following except what?
(a) Art.
(b) Dance.
(c) Music.
(d) Education.

11. Who flies Rita to the next village visit?
(a) A missionary.
(b) A local with a rudimentary license.
(c) A retired naval officer.
(d) A friend of one of her fellow travelers.

12. Why does Rita climb the mountains?
(a) She loves exercising.
(b) She wants to prove that she can.
(c) She wants to see the country from a high point.
(d) She wants to meet the people who live in the mountains.

13. How does Rita feel about her traveling with the tour?
(a) She thinks they move through the villages too quickly.
(b) She appreciates the in-depth knowledge they get of the villagers.
(c) She loves the information that comes with the tours.
(d) She loves the time spent with the natives.

14. What are Rita's neighbors in Vancouver like?
(a) They stay to themselves.
(b) They are very welcoming and generous.
(c) They are overbearing.
(d) They are cantankerous.

15. What does Rita feel about the animals after tracking them for a day?
(a) She is disgusted with their habits.
(b) She is in awe.
(c) She doesn't understand why people spend time studying them.
(d) She is amazed by their intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What tool changes Rita's connection to her family?

2. What happens during her visit to her mother in the United States?

3. What does Rita want to do when she leaves Bali in 1997?

4. What is Dr. Galdikas like?

5. Where does Rita plan to travel after Bali?

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