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Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is missing from Rita's life after she returns to Bali?
(a) Good food.
(b) Laughter.
(c) Companionship.
(d) Sleep.

2. How do Rita's children react to her living near them?
(a) They visit her frequently and ask her to move closer to them.
(b) They resent her intrusion in their lives.
(c) They stop in if she begs them to do so.
(d) They smother her with their nurturing.

3. How does Rita feel after she goes back to Bali?
(a) She realizes that it is home, and she never wants to leave.
(b) She loves it more than ever.
(c) Things aren't the same as before.
(d) She wants to leave immediately.

4. What happens during her visit to her mother in the United States?
(a) The hired help quits.
(b) Her mother dies.
(c) Her son gets engaged.
(d) Her daughter is in a car accident.

5. How does Rita help the wives?
(a) She watches the children.
(b) She teaches them English.
(c) She shops for them.
(d) She helps with gardening.

6. What incredible gift does Rita discover Nyoman has?
(a) He's a terrific chef.
(b) He's an incredible sculptor.
(c) He is very good with animals.
(d) He has a real gift for language.

7. Of what does Rita accidentally become a part when she visits Budi?
(a) A parade.
(b) A birthday celebration.
(c) A religious ritual.
(d) A swim lesson.

8. What are Rita's neighbors in Vancouver like?
(a) They are cantankerous.
(b) They stay to themselves.
(c) They are overbearing.
(d) They are very welcoming and generous.

9. What does Rita have to watch out for when she bathes?
(a) Spiders.
(b) Crocodiles.
(c) Parasitic worms.
(d) Mud slides.

10. Why is the child scared of Rita?
(a) Her actions are too abrupt.
(b) She tells strange stories.
(c) She looks different from anyone he has ever encountered.
(d) Her voice is too loud.

11. How much interaction does Rita have with Dr. Galdikas?
(a) They eat together daily.
(b) They are inseparable.
(c) They have little to no interaction.
(d) They meet daily several times.

12. Why does the family think Tu Nini is dying?
(a) She is old.
(b) Black magic.
(c) She is starving herself.
(d) She has eaten contaminated food.

13. With whom does Rita stay when she arrives in Bali?
(a) A prince.
(b) A friend of her son.
(c) The owner of a bed and breakfast.
(d) A friend she had met in previous travels.

14. Why do Rita's guests prepare a special dinner?
(a) It's her birthday.
(b) They are celebrating Christmas.
(c) They believe every dinner should be special.
(d) It's New Year's Eve

15. Where does Rita live in Seattle?
(a) With her son.
(b) With her daughter.
(c) In an apartment overlooking a lake.
(d) In a house she buys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rita leave Bali to go the United States?

2. Why is Rita concerned about her trek?

3. Why is Rita concerned about her mother?

4. What is Rita's favorite thing to do in Vancouver?

5. What impact does Han's wound have on the group?

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