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Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom does Rita eat on her second night in Mexico City?
(a) A woman she meets while in the museum.
(b) Two strange men from England.
(c) A teacher from the Spanish school.
(d) A travel agent.

2. What do the children ask Rita to do?
(a) Teach them a math lesson.
(b) Give them candy.
(c) Read them her book.
(d) Give them money.

3. Who greets Rita at the airport when she arrives home?
(a) No-one.
(b) Her best friend.
(c) Her husband.
(d) Her children.

4. Who does Rita imagine she sees when looking out over the plaza toward the Temple of the Inscriptions?
(a) Mayans.
(b) Her traveling partners.
(c) Her children.
(d) Her husband.

5. What does Rita realize while she is touring the museums in Mexico City?
(a) She is completely free to do whatever she wants.
(b) She has no concept of safety.
(c) She has no friends.
(d) She misses her husband.

6. Why do they leave the restaurant?
(a) Rita is feeling ill.
(b) They have a meeting to attend.
(c) The food is terrible.
(d) They don't trust the men who are striking up a conversation with them.

7. What is the first thing Rita does when she arrives at her house in Israel?
(a) She takes a nap.
(b) She enjoys a delicious meal.
(c) She goes swimming with her host.
(d) She prays.

8. What happens to Rita's marriage?
(a) They patch things up.
(b) It ends in divorce.
(c) She and her husband agree to separate for a longer period of time.
(d) They decide to stay married but travel more.

9. What does Rita feel as if she is running towards?
(a) Sanity.
(b) Culture.
(c) Adventure.
(d) Education.

10. When the plane lands on a different island than the one where Rita thinks she is staying, how does she react?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She panicks and demands to go back.
(c) She decides to trust and enjoy the adventure.
(d) She is very nervous, but doesn't know what to say.

11. How do the men treat Rita?
(a) They run away.
(b) They gather around her, touch her, and tell her stories.
(c) They stand at a distance.
(d) They are cordial, but don't look at her directly.

12. How does Rita feel about her Jewish background?
(a) She resents her background.
(b) She takes her customs and religion very seriously.
(c) She is very proud of her heritage.
(d) It seems unimportant to her.

13. Rita observes that the women shy away from what?
(a) The part of the ceremony where they salute each other with speeches.
(b) The part of the ceremony where they get drunk.
(c) The part of the ceremony where they kill the cow.
(d) The part of the ceremony where they dance.

14. When does Rita feel very connected with the women in the village?
(a) When they are cooking together.
(b) When they are out getting firewood together.
(c) When they dance together.
(d) When they are working in the fields together.

15. Why can't women sing during the service?
(a) Their voices might tempt and distract the men.
(b) Their voices are too shrill.
(c) They are too noisy.
(d) They don't really know the correct pronunciations.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Zahava want Rita to experience?

2. Who visits Rita while she is in Galapagos?

3. What is Rita's life like with her husband?

4. On what do they tour the islands?

5. How do the women in the village treat Rita on her first day?

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