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Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rita feel as a woman in the super-Orthodox world?
(a) She feels treasured.
(b) She feels ignored.
(c) She doesn't like feeling second class.
(d) She appreciates the importance of her role as a nurturer.

2. How many days pass before the women in the village (aside from Margarita) begin to talk with Rita?
(a) Two.
(b) One.
(c) Five.
(d) Seven.

3. What does Rita do in the waterfalls?
(a) She showers.
(b) She sings.
(c) She swims without clothes.
(d) She finds beautiful rocks.

4. Felipe teaches Rita how to negotiate what?
(a) Boats.
(b) Lava.
(c) Shells.
(d) Arguments.

5. What do the children ask Rita to do?
(a) Read them her book.
(b) Give them money.
(c) Teach them a math lesson.
(d) Give them candy.

6. How does Rita feel as she goes down the street in San Salvador?
(a) Frightened.
(b) Curious.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Happy.

7. What does Rita realize while she is touring the museums in Mexico City?
(a) She has no friends.
(b) She has no concept of safety.
(c) She is completely free to do whatever she wants.
(d) She misses her husband.

8. When does Rita feel very connected with the women in the village?
(a) When they are out getting firewood together.
(b) When they dance together.
(c) When they are working in the fields together.
(d) When they are cooking together.

9. What community does Rita want to learn more about in Chapter 4?
(a) The elderly.
(b) The ex-pat community.
(c) The street children .
(d) The religious community.

10. Where does Rita's passion for travel get re-kindled?
(a) When she goes to the Galapagos.
(b) When she watches the Travel Channel on TV.
(c) When she goes to the library and takes out some travel books.
(d) When she goes to a seminar given by a world traveler.

11. What does Rita experience at the campgrounds after visiting the Temple of the Inscriptions?
(a) Hostility.
(b) A sense of dread.
(c) Psychedelic mushrooms.
(d) A religious connection.

12. What does Rita observe about the female frigatebirds?
(a) They are never satisfied as far as she can see.
(b) They have beautiful voices.
(c) They are beautiful.
(d) They are awkward and clumsy.

13. What does Rita do without her first night in the hotel?
(a) Water.
(b) Blankets.
(c) Food.
(d) Light.

14. What makes Ruth decide to have Rita as a guest?
(a) She is very lonely.
(b) She is excited about having an author in the house.
(c) She has Rita's writing analyzed by a friend who tells her that she should meet Rita.
(d) She is bored and decides that she needs company.

15. What is the first thing Rita does when she arrives at her house in Israel?
(a) She goes swimming with her host.
(b) She prays.
(c) She enjoys a delicious meal.
(d) She takes a nap.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rita goes to the Mayor to obtain permission to go where?

2. What response does Rita get when she asks about life in El Salvador?

3. The school makes arrangements for Rita to stay where?

4. How do women react when Rita talks about her travels?

5. Who leads the group to Tower Island?

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