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Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What response does Rita get when she asks about life in El Salvador?
(a) She is told that it is difficult, but improving.
(b) She is told that they will talk inside the truck where no one can hear them.
(c) She is told that it is a modern Utopia.
(d) She is told that the living standards are rapidly improving.

2. What does Rita brush up on before leaving for Indonesia?
(a) Her knowledge of their government.
(b) The customs and behaviors.
(c) Language.
(d) Her American manners.

3. What does Rita realize while she is touring the museums in Mexico City?
(a) She is completely free to do whatever she wants.
(b) She misses her husband.
(c) She has no concept of safety.
(d) She has no friends.

4. What does Rita say her profession is?
(a) Teacher.
(b) Writer of children's books.
(c) Banker.
(d) She is unemployed.

5. What do Rita and her husband decide to do?
(a) They decide to see a marriage counselor immediately.
(b) They decide to get a divorce.
(c) They decide to take a break from each other.
(d) They decide to talk together until they work everything out.

6. Rita goes to the Mayor to obtain permission to go where?
(a) To someone else's home to live.
(b) To the market.
(c) To a ceremony for the vice-governor's grandmother who died.
(d) To the country.

7. When does Rita feel very connected with the women in the village?
(a) When they are working in the fields together.
(b) When they are cooking together.
(c) When they are out getting firewood together.
(d) When they dance together.

8. What organization helps the families in the village with education?
(a) World Hope.
(b) The Red Cross.
(c) Christian Children's Foundation.
(d) The Peace Corps.

9. What happens to Rita's marriage?
(a) They decide to stay married but travel more.
(b) It ends in divorce.
(c) They patch things up.
(d) She and her husband agree to separate for a longer period of time.

10. Rita loses her position because the boss thinks what?
(a) There are too many gringos involved in the project.
(b) She is lazy.
(c) Her ideas are too off the mark.
(d) She is over-qualified.

11. What does Rita learn how to make at Mama's?
(a) Rice cakes.
(b) Tortillas.
(c) Sweaters.
(d) Shoes.

12. How does Rita feel as she goes down the street in San Salvador?
(a) Frightened.
(b) Nervous.
(c) Happy.
(d) Curious.

13. What does Rita observe about the Nicaraguans she meets over the eight months that she is there?
(a) They have an air of pride and confidence.
(b) They act beaten and oppressed.
(c) They are very reserved.
(d) They are very skittish.

14. How does Rita feel after she leaves Nicaragua?
(a) Revitalized.
(b) Saddened.
(c) Inspired.
(d) Drained.

15. Where does Rita get the idea to go to Indonesia?
(a) After blindly settling her finger on a map.
(b) At her high school reunion.
(c) After reading a book.
(d) After meeting an Indonesian.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Rita sleep in Palenque?

2. How many days pass before the women in the village (aside from Margarita) begin to talk with Rita?

3. What discovery makes Rita's traveling easier and more affordable?

4. What is the last great task Rita accomplishes before leaving the village?

5. What is Rita's life like with her husband?

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