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Rita Golden Gelman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On what do they tour the islands?
(a) A friend's sailboat.
(b) A tour boat.
(c) A sleek cruiser.
(d) A beat-up converted fishing boat.

2. What is Rita's life like with her husband?
(a) Glamorous.
(b) Abusive.
(c) Poverty-stricken.
(d) Interesting.

3. How does Rita feel after she leaves Nicaragua?
(a) Revitalized.
(b) Drained.
(c) Saddened.
(d) Inspired.

4. What community does Rita want to learn more about in Chapter 4?
(a) The street children .
(b) The religious community.
(c) The elderly.
(d) The ex-pat community.

5. Where does Rita get the idea to go to Indonesia?
(a) At her high school reunion.
(b) After reading a book.
(c) After blindly settling her finger on a map.
(d) After meeting an Indonesian.

6. How does Rita get to the Zapotec village?
(a) She takes a train.
(b) She takes a bus.
(c) She runs.
(d) She hitchhikes.

7. With whom does Rita travel to the ceremony?
(a) The government party.
(b) A famous author.
(c) Her hosts.
(d) Her daughter .

8. Why does Rita have a respect for street entertainers?
(a) She is very clumsy and doesn't know how they do their acts.
(b) She thinks they are creative.
(c) She appreciates the joy they bring to the world.
(d) She is somewhat envious of their extroverted nature.

9. What do Rita and her husband decide to do?
(a) They decide to take a break from each other.
(b) They decide to see a marriage counselor immediately.
(c) They decide to talk together until they work everything out.
(d) They decide to get a divorce.

10. How does Rita feel about her Jewish background?
(a) It seems unimportant to her.
(b) She takes her customs and religion very seriously.
(c) She resents her background.
(d) She is very proud of her heritage.

11. How do women react when Rita talks about her travels?
(a) They are interested and inspired that she does it without a man.
(b) They don't want to talk about it.
(c) They think she is crazy.
(d) They are politely curious.

12. What does Rita inadvertently do to her landlady?
(a) She helps her out of a tough situation.
(b) She offends her by showing up to a party late.
(c) She offends her by breaking customs.
(d) She helps her without realizing it.

13. What makes Ruth decide to have Rita as a guest?
(a) She is excited about having an author in the house.
(b) She is very lonely.
(c) She has Rita's writing analyzed by a friend who tells her that she should meet Rita.
(d) She is bored and decides that she needs company.

14. How does Rita feel as she goes down the street in San Salvador?
(a) Curious.
(b) Nervous.
(c) Frightened.
(d) Happy.

15. Why do they leave the restaurant?
(a) They have a meeting to attend.
(b) Rita is feeling ill.
(c) They don't trust the men who are striking up a conversation with them.
(d) The food is terrible.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who accompanies them into Nicaragua?

2. What does Rita observe about the female frigatebirds?

3. What does Rita brush up on before leaving for Indonesia?

4. What organization helps the families in the village with education?

5. What does Rita realize while she is touring the museums in Mexico City?

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