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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why have Romeo and Juliet never met before the ball?
(a) They are from different towns.
(b) Juliet was never allowed to leave her family's estate.
(c) Romeo has been at university.
(d) Their families are feuding.

2. What service does Helena do the King of France in All's Well That Ends Well?
(a) She cures his illness.
(b) She reuniteds him with his estranged daughter.
(c) She brings him his favorite sweet.
(d) She saves his son from a scorpion.

3. Who tries to warn Timon of his bad habits?
(a) Aries.
(b) His servant.
(c) His wife.
(d) His father.

4. On her second visit to Olivia in Twelfth Night, Viola protests that she will never love a what?
(a) Woman.
(b) Scoundrel.
(c) Fool.
(d) Illyrian.

5. What does the King of France give Helena her choice of in All's Well That Ends Well?
(a) Husband.
(b) Orchid.
(c) Manor houses.
(d) Dresses.

6. Which of the following character's is killed when Romeo and Tybalt meet in the street?
(a) Mercutio.
(b) Benvolio.
(c) Juliet.
(d) Friar Lawrence.

7. What does Angelo threaten the disguised Duke with at the end of Measure for Measure?
(a) Excommunication.
(b) Torture.
(c) A fine.
(d) Jailing.

8. What request does the ghost of Hamlet's father make?
(a) Take the throne.
(b) Do not marry Ophelia.
(c) Avenge his murder.
(d) Murder the Queen.

9. In All's Well That Ends Well, what must Helena do to gain Bertrand's hand in marriage?
(a) Find his brother's grave.
(b) Take his ring.
(c) Save his mother.
(d) Guess his true name.

10. Whom does Hamlet accidentally kill in Gertrude's bedchamber?
(a) Polonius.
(b) Ophelia.
(c) Gertrude.
(d) Claudius.

11. What does Timon of Athens find while digging in the dirt?
(a) A human skull.
(b) A box of gold.
(c) A Bible.
(d) A magic stone.

12. In Comedy of Errors, where do the twins of Syracuse seek shelter in Ephesus?
(a) An embassy.
(b) A cathedral.
(c) A convent.
(d) A workshop.

13. In All's Well That Ends Well, what is Helena's father's profession?
(a) Courtier.
(b) Physician.
(c) Soldier.
(d) Poet.

14. What is in the dishes Timon serves his friends?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Stones.
(c) Rotten meat.
(d) Smoke.

15. Why does Pericles have to flee Greece at the beginning of the story?
(a) A dream has commanded him to do so.
(b) The emperor is threatening his life.
(c) His wife is in peril.
(d) His army has been called overseas.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who acts as go-between for Othello's wooing of Desdemona?

2. How does Pericles win the Thaisa's hand in marriage?

3. In Othello, where does Othello's army travel to defeat the Turks?

4. Whose shrine does Helena visit in All's Well That Ends Well?

5. Which character is not killed by Hamlet?

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