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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In The Tempest, what important items does Prospero have that allow him to use magic on the island?
(a) Books.
(b) Wands.
(c) Goblets.
(d) Potions.

2. What two dangerous animals does Orlando save Oliver from in As You Like It?
(a) A lion and a snake.
(b) An eagle and a shark.
(c) A bear and a tarantula.
(d) A wolf and a scorpion.

3. In The Winter's Tale, Polixenes is the king of what kingdom?
(a) Bohemia.
(b) Persia.
(c) Atlantis.
(d) Illyria.

4. What does Hermione disguise herself as at the end of The Winter's Tale?
(a) A bear.
(b) A maidservant.
(c) A man.
(d) A statue.

5. The ghost of which character appears at Macbeth's banquet?
(a) The thane of Cawdor.
(b) Duncan.
(c) Lady Macduff.
(d) Banquo.

6. Who concocts the scheme to marry Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing?
(a) Don Pedro.
(b) Leonato.
(c) Claudio.
(d) Hero.

7. What act of fidelity do Julia and Proteus commit when parting ways at the the beginning of Two Gentlemen of Verona?
(a) They exchange rings.
(b) He gives her a lock of his hair.
(c) He takes her portrait.
(d) They pray together.

8. Lying to his father in Two Gentlemen of Verona, Proteus says his letter from Julia is from whom?
(a) Himself.
(b) Silvia.
(c) Valetine.
(d) The duke of Milan.

9. At the end of As You Like It, whom does the duke's brother meet as he enters the forest to kill him?
(a) A greek goddess.
(b) A hermit.
(c) A bear.
(d) A beautiful maid.

10. What name does Kent take to follow Lear in disguise?
(a) Roderigo.
(b) Edwin.
(c) Crassus.
(d) Caius.

11. What request does Beatrice make of Benedick after Hero's honor is questioned?
(a) That he leave Messina.
(b) That he marry her.
(c) That he prove Hero's innocence.
(d) That he kill Claudio.

12. In As You Like it, how does Oliver plan to kill Orlando after his initial plan fails?
(a) He will poison his brandywine.
(b) He will burn him in his bed.
(c) He will throw him from his horse.
(d) He will stab him at the church.

13. At the beginning of Macbeth, the title character is than of what township?
(a) Fife.
(b) Cumberland.
(c) Cawdor.
(d) Glamis.

14. What non-medial condition kills Mamillius in The Winter's Tale?
(a) Jealousy.
(b) Joy.
(c) Grief.
(d) Fear.

15. In whose clothes is Margaret dressed as part of the devious plot in Much Ado About Nothing?
(a) Beatrice's.
(b) Benedick's.
(c) Hero's.
(d) Don Pedro's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who marries Cordelia at the beginning of King Lear?

2. In what city does A Midsummer Night's Dream begin?

3. In The Winter's Tale, what is Florizel when he first sees Perdita?

4. In Cymbeline, why does the King raise Posthumus?

5. Why does Antonio agree to the "pound of flesh" condition in Shylock's bond?

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