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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Merchant of Venice, how does Shylock make money as a usurer?
(a) He runs a textile-works on the side.
(b) He charges interest.
(c) He collects finder's fees.
(d) He invests in fishing interests.

2. Why does Lear wander into a storm at night?
(a) He wants to gather an army together.
(b) He has not bathed in days.
(c) He is looking for Cordelia.
(d) He does not want to live with his daughters.

3. How does Leontes want Polixenes killed at the beginning of The Winter's Tale?
(a) He wants him poisoned.
(b) He wants him set ablaze.
(c) He wants him thrown from the battlements.
(d) He wants him stabbed.

4. What earl helps the mad Lear escape to France?
(a) Gloucester.
(b) Kent.
(c) Cornwall.
(d) Burgundy.

5. What does the juice of the purple flower do to people in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
(a) It makes them fall asleep.
(b) It makes them fall out of love.
(c) It makes them wake up.
(d) It makes them fall in love.

6. Why does Antonio agree to the "pound of flesh" condition in Shylock's bond?
(a) He does not read the full bond.
(b) He assumes it is a jest.
(c) He knows no court will honor it.
(d) He wants to show Shylock he is not afraid.

7. Which of the following is not a prophecy the witches make at the beginning of Macbeth?
(a) Macbeth will be the thane of Cawdor.
(b) Banquo's children will be kings.
(c) Macbeth will be king.
(d) Banquo will be killed.

8. What role does Ariel take on the island in The Tempest?
(a) Caliban's accomplice.
(b) Miranda's ward.
(c) Sycorax's suitor.
(d) Prospero's assistant.

9. In The Tempest, where on the island do Sycorax imprison good spirits?
(a) In trees.
(b) In clouds.
(c) Under the sands.
(d) In the water.

10. How does Prospero bring his enemies to the island in The Tempest?
(a) A transporting spell.
(b) A storm.
(c) A siren's song.
(d) A steady wind.

11. In The Tempest, what important items does Prospero have that allow him to use magic on the island?
(a) Potions.
(b) Wands.
(c) Goblets.
(d) Books.

12. How does Lady Macbeth convince her husband to kill Duncan?
(a) She calls him a coward.
(b) She reminds him he will be king.
(c) She uses reverse psychology.
(d) She threatens to do it herself.

13. Who has gone to war with Britain in Cymbeline?
(a) Rome.
(b) The Turks.
(c) France.
(d) Ireland.

14. In King Lear, Edmund is the bastard son of what earl?
(a) Cornwall.
(b) Albany.
(c) Gloucester.
(d) Kent.

15. Who sends word to Posthumus that Imogen has died?
(a) Belarius.
(b) The queen.
(c) Pisanio.
(d) Iachomo.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Cymbeline, why does the King raise Posthumus?

2. Why do Belarius, Polydore and Cadwal leave Imogen in the woods?

3. What does Hermione disguise herself as at the end of The Winter's Tale?

4. What does Rosalind give Orlando when she first meets him?

5. Which character concocts a devious plot to break up a marriage in Much Ado Ado Nothing?

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