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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Othello and Pericles, Prince of Tyre.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Timon go to live after he abandons humanity?
(a) A remote island.
(b) Asia.
(c) The desert.
(d) The woods.

2. What role does Ariel take on the island in The Tempest?
(a) Sycorax's suitor.
(b) Miranda's ward.
(c) Prospero's assistant.
(d) Caliban's accomplice.

3. Where does Camillo offer to marry Perdita and Florizel to avoid Leontes' wrath in The Winter's Tale?
(a) Bohemia.
(b) Illyria.
(c) Cyprus.
(d) Sicily.

4. In Much Ado About Nothing, what does Hero do when accused of infidelity?
(a) She storms out.
(b) She admits to it.
(c) She faints.
(d) She slaps Don Pedro.

5. In All's Well That Ends Well, what must Helena do to gain Bertrand's hand in marriage?
(a) Find his brother's grave.
(b) Take his ring.
(c) Guess his true name.
(d) Save his mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does Kent take to follow Lear in disguise?

2. What two dangerous animals does Orlando save Oliver from in As You Like It?

3. What does Rosalind give Orlando when she first meets him?

4. What does the King of France give Helena her choice of in All's Well That Ends Well?

5. Why does the Duke of Vienna place Angelo in charge at the beginning of Measure for Measure?

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