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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Othello and Pericles, Prince of Tyre.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Bertrand marry at the end of All's Well That Ends Well?
(a) Helena.
(b) The widow.
(c) No one.
(d) Diana.

2. In Taming of the Shrew, why does Petruchio say Katharine should not eat on their wedding night?
(a) The food is not good enough for her.
(b) It is Petruchio's family tradition to starve the bride.
(c) The food much be poisonned.
(d) She is putting on too much weight.

3. In Comedy of Errors, where do the twins of Syracuse seek shelter in Ephesus?
(a) A convent.
(b) An embassy.
(c) A workshop.
(d) A cathedral.

4. What keepsake does Iago use to convince Othello that Desdemona is unfaithful?
(a) A gown.
(b) A garland.
(c) A handkerchief.
(d) A sealed letter.

5. What is Diana given at the end of All's Well That Ends Well as a reward?
(a) A large gemstone.
(b) A manor in Provence.
(c) A husband.
(d) A seat in court.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Orlando and the disguised Rosaline discuss when they meet in Arden?

2. What disguise does the Duke maintain while Angelo is in power in Measure for Measure?

3. Which character does Nerissa fall in love with in Merchant of Venice?

4. How does Antonio expect to be able to pay Shylock at the beginning of Merchant of Venice?

5. What good do Romeo and Juliet's deaths bring at the end of the story?

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