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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Twelfth Night; or, What You Will and Timon of Athens.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Claudio and Don Pedro indicate to Benedick that Beatrice loves him in Much Ado About Nothing?
(a) They let him overhear a conversation.
(b) They leave a note for him to find.
(c) They show him Beatrice's journal.
(d) They tell him outright.

2. When does Sycorax die in The Tempest?
(a) Before Prospero and Mirand arrive at the island.
(b) She didn't die.
(c) Days after Prospero and Mirand arrive at the island.
(d) The moment Prospero and Mirand arrive at the island.

3. In Merchant of Venice, why can Antonio not pay his bond to Shylock?
(a) His father recovers his health.
(b) His lands are seized by the state.
(c) His crops whither.
(d) His ships sink.

4. What does Katharine do when Petruchio does not show for their wedding in Taming of the Shrew?
(a) Faint.
(b) Laugh.
(c) Dance.
(d) Weep.

5. What does the juice of the purple flower do to people in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
(a) It makes them fall in love.
(b) It makes them fall out of love.
(c) It makes them wake up.
(d) It makes them fall asleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Much Ado About Nothing, what does Hero do when accused of infidelity?

2. What name does Kent take to follow Lear in disguise?

3. In Taming of the Shrew, why does Petruchio say Katharine should not eat on their wedding night?

4. Who does Demetrius marry at the end of A Midsummer Night's Dream?

5. In Merchant of Venice, how does Shylock make money as a usurer?

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