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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Comedy of Errors and Measure For Measure.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Claudio and Don Pedro indicate to Benedick that Beatrice loves him in Much Ado About Nothing?
(a) They tell him outright.
(b) They let him overhear a conversation.
(c) They leave a note for him to find.
(d) They show him Beatrice's journal.

2. What does the juice of the purple flower do to people in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
(a) It makes them fall out of love.
(b) It makes them fall asleep.
(c) It makes them wake up.
(d) It makes them fall in love.

3. At the beginning of Comedy of Errors, what does Aegeon offer for his life?
(a) Fine meats.
(b) A large gem.
(c) A song.
(d) His story.

4. In A Midsummer Night's Dream, who tips Demetrius off to Lysander's plan to flee the city?
(a) Hippolyta.
(b) Helena.
(c) Egeus.
(d) Hermia.

5. In King Lear, Edmund is the bastard son of what earl?
(a) Gloucester.
(b) Kent.
(c) Albany.
(d) Cornwall.

Short Answer Questions

1. In whose clothes is Margaret dressed as part of the devious plot in Much Ado About Nothing?

2. In The Winter's Tale, what is Florizel when he first sees Perdita?

3. What is Edmund's brother's name?

4. Where does Bertram live in Italy?

5. How does Lamb describe Hero at the beginning of Much Ado About Nothing?

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