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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Comedy of Errors and Measure For Measure.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Antonio expect to be able to pay Shylock at the beginning of Merchant of Venice?
(a) He will harvest his olives early.
(b) He can draw from his savings.
(c) He has ships coming in.
(d) His father is about to die.

2. Why do Belarius, Polydore and Cadwal leave Imogen in the woods?
(a) They think she is dead.
(b) They believe she is a wood sprite.
(c) They want to keep her safe from scouts.
(d) They think she is an assassin.

3. In Merchant of Venice, how does Shylock make money as a usurer?
(a) He collects finder's fees.
(b) He runs a textile-works on the side.
(c) He invests in fishing interests.
(d) He charges interest.

4. What good news does Antonio learn after winning his case against Shylock?
(a) Nerissa accepts his hand in marriage.
(b) His ships are not lost.
(c) He has been promoted to magistrate.
(d) His father will not die.

5. How did the second set of twins in Comedy of Errors come under Aegeon's care?
(a) He confused them for his sons.
(b) He took them after their mother died.
(c) He wins them in a game of lots.
(d) He purchased them.

Short Answer Questions

1. In The Tempest, what important items does Prospero have that allow him to use magic on the island?

2. What service does Helena do the King of France in All's Well That Ends Well?

3. In As You Like It, what is Orlando doing the first time Rosalind sees him?

4. In Comedy of Errors, where do the twins of Syracuse seek shelter in Ephesus?

5. What role does Ariel take on the island in The Tempest?

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