Tales from Shakespeare Character Descriptions

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King Lear - This character wanders into a storm after being betrayed by his children.

Prospero - This character lures his enemies to his island using magic.

Hamlet - This character is visited by the ghost of his father.

Oberon - This character feuds with his wife over a changeling boy.

Beatrice - This character is tricked by her friends into falling in love with a man she claims to hate.

Rosalind - This character disguises herself and enters a forest after being banished.

Valentine - This character becomes leader of a band of thieves who try to rob him.

Shylock - This character demands a pound of flesh for payment on a bond.

Cymbeline - This character banishes his daughter after learning of her secret marriage

Macbeth - This character is coerced by his wife into a regicide.

Petruchio - This character refuses to feed his...

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