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The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream

• In The Tempest, the banished duke Prospero and his daughter land on a magical island.
• Prospero uses a storm to bring his enemies to the island and reconcile with them.
• In A Midsummer Night's Dream, two Athenian couples flee to the woods to defy their parents' wishes.

• Oberon, the fairy king, rights the love rift with the magic juice of a purple flower.

The Winter's Tale and Much Ado About Nothing

• In The Winter's Tale, Leontes is convinced his wife is unfaithful, imprisoning her and banishing his newborn daughter to death.
• Leontes is reunited with his wife and now-grown daughter, who has married his old friend's son.
• In Much Ado About Nothing, Don Pedro connives to bring the prickly Benedick and Beatrice together in love.

• Don Pedro and Claudio are duped into believing Hero is unfaithful, but all is righted in...

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