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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the bar Tom asks Marge to meet him at?
(a) Gordon's
(b) Francesco's
(c) Angelo's
(d) Paulo's

2. What is Tom's middle name?
(a) Twain
(b) Phelps
(c) Lawrence
(d) Davis

3. What does Tom tell McCarron that Dickie could never have done?
(a) Forged checks
(b) Married Marge
(c) Killed himself
(d) Murdered someone

4. Who phones Tom after the police leave?
(a) Van Houston
(b) Marge
(c) Freddie
(d) Wallace

5. When is Tom sailing to Greece?
(a) September
(b) July
(c) June
(d) August

6. What does everyone at the party want to discuss?
(a) Marge's relationship with Dickie
(b) Dickie's disappearance
(c) Tom's relationship with Dickie
(d) Mr. Greenleaf's arrival

7. Where does Tom rent a palazzo?
(a) Venice
(b) Rome
(c) Paris
(d) Vienna

8. Whose whereabouts do the police want to know about?
(a) Marge's
(b) Tom's
(c) Van Houston's
(d) Dickie's

9. Who does Tom identify himself as at the police station?
(a) Himself
(b) Dickie
(c) Wallace
(d) Mr. Greenleaf

10. Who is returning to the U.S. at the end of the week?
(a) Marge
(b) Tom
(c) McCarron
(d) Mr. Greenleaf

11. What is the bottom of the boat covered in?
(a) Rags
(b) Beer
(c) Blood
(d) Semen

12. What do the Franchetti brothers go out to buy?
(a) Alcohol
(b) Cigarettes
(c) Magazines
(d) Newspapers

13. What kind of money in Freddie's wallet does Tom burn?
(a) Swiss
(b) British
(c) French
(d) American

14. What kind of mood does Tom think Marge is in?
(a) Giddy
(b) Depressed
(c) Bad
(d) Unstable

15. What does Tom buy at 8 am?
(a) Newspapers
(b) Breakfast
(c) Shirts
(d) Magazines

Short Answer Questions

1. What transport does Tom use to travel to Palermo?

2. What language is Tom grateful that the detective cannot speak?

3. Who does Tom think of when he wakes up?

4. What part of Italy does Tom think Dickie may be hiding in?

5. What does Tom decide to leave in Venice?

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