The Talented Mr. Ripley Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who does Tom think is the man following him?

Tom thinks the man following him does not look like a policeman or a detective. He looks like somebody's father, a graying businessman in a suit. Tom cannot imagine the man gripping his shoulder and saying, "You're under arrest."

2. How does Tom know Charlie Schriever?

Mr. Greenleaf says he has been given Tom's name by Mr. Schriever. The last time Tom saw Charlie Schriever, a TV director, Tom was preparing the man's income taxes. Schriever was thrilled with the deductions Tom uncovered.

3. How does Tom know Bob Delancey?

Tom shares a furnished room with Bob Delancey, a freelance window decorator. Delancey is the only acquaintance who volunteered to put Tom up when he had nowhere to stay.

4. How does Tom want to prepare for meeting the Greenleafs for dinner?

Tom has been invited to the Greenleafs' for dinner the next day. After the morning mail, he will take in a few art exhibits, so he will have something to discuss with them. He also decides to research Burke and Greenleaf Watercraft, just to show Mr. Greenleaf he is a young man on his toes.

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