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New York

Ripley lives here around Second and Third Avenue, filled with second-class antique stores and seedy bars.


This small village has only one decent hotel, a few cafes, and an extremely limited social life. Few Americans spend the winter there, although tourists are common in the summer.


Tom poses as Dickie and spends Christmas here.


After Dickie Greenleaf's murder, Tom assumes his identity and rents an expensive apartment in this city.


Tom has avoided this place because he believes it will inevitably be disappointing. To his surprise, he finds transportation by motor launch around the city as speedy and efficient as by train in other cities.


The climax of the novel occurs on a boat headed to this country.

Dickie Greenleaf's Rings

Dickie constantly wears two of these. One of them symbolizes wealth while the other symbolizes family and social status.

The Hermes Baby Typewriter

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