The Talented Mr. Ripley Character Descriptions

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Tom Ripley

He was orphaned at a very young age when his parents were drowned on a boat in Boston Harbor, inspiring a life-long fear of water. He matures into a young man who is incapable of feeling empathy or sympathy for any other human being.

Dickie Greenleaf

He is an accomplished sailor from a prestigious shipbuilding family, with a private income from a trust fund. Rather than use his talent for designing sailboats, Dickie has chosen to live in a tiny village in southern Italy, where he is an enthusiastic, if untalented, painter.

Marge Sherwood

She is the sturdy, blonde, athletic, good-egg type. She has the eternal optimism and good humor of a Girl Scout, and is clearly madly in love.

Mr. Herbert Greenleaf

When Tom first sees the graying man in a business suit following him, he thinks he looks like someone's father, not a policeman...

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