The Talented Mr. Ripley Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Tom Ripley is convinced a man is following him, but he decides to take a risk and enter Raoul's for a drink.

• The man following Tom enters the bar and introduces himself as Richard Greenleaf's father. He says he has been given Tom's name by friends of his son.

• Mr. Greenleaf tells Tom his son has been living in Italy for the last two years and he wants Tom to go to Italy, find Dickie and bring him back to New York. The chance of an all expenses paid trip to Europe immediately appeals to Tom.

Chapter 2

• Tom goes home to his dingy brownstone apartment that he shares with Bob Delancey.

• Tom looks in the mirror, thinking how bad his life is turning out in New York and the chance of going to Europe is just what he needs to start again.

Chapter 3

• Tom goes to the...

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