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Short Answer Questions

1. What hits Genji's palace in Rokujo?

2. What does Genji do while he is visiting the Safflower Princess?

3. What would hold Genji back from traveling away from home?

4. Who is Lady Rokujo's daughter?

5. Late in Yugiri's walk around the Rokujo grounds he overhears ______.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kaoru find that Niou is having a secret relationship with Ukifune?

2. What does Ukifune realize about Niou and Kaoru after living in the Ono village?

3. Why is Tamakazura to be under Genji's care, rather than To no Chujo?

4. Why does Genji wish to keep secrets involving Yugao's death?

5. Describe Genji's view on women.

6. What happens to Murasaki in Chapter 35?

7. What are Oigimi's reasons for not wanting to marry Kaoru?

8. What about Kaoru's manner makes the women want to joke with him?

9. Why does To no Chujo send his daughter, Kumoinokari to Omi?

10. What really happened to Ukifune?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel Genji is depicted as a womanizer, but he also has a softer side. Locate the moments in the text where Genji's softer side can be seen and explain how it develops his character and your opinion of his character.

Essay Topic 2

Through the novel, health, the economy, and the weather are believed to be the result of what? Give some examples and explain this belief.

Essay Topic 3

What do you believe is the the importance of the role of women in the novel? Does the fact that the author is a woman influence the role of women in this book at all? Support your answer with evidence from the novel.

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