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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the crown prince after the Suzaku emperor's abdication?

2. Who is Genji's best friend?

3. Where does Genji sit to relax with Yugiri on a hot summer day?

4. What would hold Genji back from traveling away from home?

5. What is the Safflower Princesss's reaction to Genji upon his return from exile?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it strange that Yugiri has tried to seduce the Second Princess?

2. Genji begins spending more time with the Akashi lady. How does Murasaki feel about this?

3. What does Genji discover through his relationship with Reikeiden?

4. Why does Genji wish to keep secrets involving Yugao's death?

5. How does Oigimi hurt Kaoru?

6. Murasaki finally dies after four years of illness. What was her dying wish and how did Genji react to it?

7. Describe the predicament between Genji and Oborozukiyo.

8. What are Oigimi's reasons for not wanting to marry Kaoru?

9. Why does the Lieutenant change his mind about marrying Ukifune?

10. During Kaoru's meeting with the Emporer, what is the Go board used for?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While on her death bed, Murasaki tells Genji about her wish to become a nun. Genji rejects her wish. Was this cruel of Genji why or why not? Is Genji selfish, an egotistical character? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

What do you believe is Genji's strongest characteristic? How is it exemplified throughout the story? Do you find that it helps or hinders him? How?

Essay Topic 3

Genji was very lucky with women as was Niou. Kaoru and Yugiri were not so lucky with women. Given these facts what is the novel suggesting what women want in a man? Do you believe Genji and Niou are much better men than Kaoru and Yugiri? Why or why not?

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