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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What eventually happens to Ukifune?
(a) She becomes a prostitute.
(b) She marries Kaoru.
(c) She becomes a nun.
(d) She dies.

2. Why can't Kaoru marry Oigimi?
(a) Oigimi hates Kaoru.
(b) Nakanokimi must marry first.
(c) Her father will not permit it.
(d) Kaoru is a priest.

3. Who is Rokunokimi?
(a) Kaoru's wife.
(b) The 6th daughter of Genji.
(c) The 1st wife of Yugiri.
(d) The 6th daughter of Yugiri.

4. Whom does Niou receive an angry message from in Chapter 51?
(a) Ukifune.
(b) Kaoru.
(c) Nakanokimi.
(d) Yugiri.

5. How does Genji prepare for his daughter's initiation?
(a) Has a mural constructed.
(b) Goes to the court.
(c) Collects literature.
(d) Sends her to school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yugiri eventually convince the Second Princess to do?

2. What style does To no Chujo paint in?

3. Who does Genji trust to be with him in his preparation for his daughter's initiation?

4. Whom did Chujounokimi immediately admire?

5. Why does Genji want to visit the Akashi lady?

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