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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the ministers go for their royal outing?
(a) Kyoto.
(b) Oharono.
(c) Sanjo.
(d) Suma.

2. What types of gifts does Murasaki send to Genji?
(a) Food.
(b) Letters.
(c) Clothing.
(d) Jewelry.

3. What happens to Aoi shortly after she gives birth to her son?
(a) She dies.
(b) She leaves Genji.
(c) She becomes a nun.
(d) She becomes possessed.

4. What hits Genji's palace in Rokujo?
(a) A plague.
(b) Famine.
(c) Devestation.
(d) A storm.

5. After falling out of favor with the court where does Genji decide to go?
(a) Kamo.
(b) Suma.
(c) Kyoto.
(d) Tokyo.

6. Where does the Princess Asagao live?
(a) Zuma.
(b) Kyoto.
(c) Momozono.
(d) Uji.

7. What talent does Genji have?
(a) Singing.
(b) Sculpting.
(c) Writing.
(d) Cooking.

8. What does Murasaki compare Genji's behavior to since his visits to the Princess Asagao?
(a) Like a stranger.
(b) Mean.
(c) Very happy.
(d) More in love than ever.

9. Where does Genji sit to relax with Yugiri on a hot summer day?
(a) The garden.
(b) His pavilion.
(c) The temple.
(d) Under the grape vines.

10. Who is the crown prince after the Suzaku emperor's abdication?
(a) To no Chujo.
(b) Genji's brother.
(c) To no Chujo's son.
(d) Genji's son.

11. Where is the Akashi lady's mansion located?
(a) Miyako.
(b) Uji.
(c) Suma.
(d) Tokyo.

12. Who is caring for Genji at the beginning of Chapter 5 during his travel to mountains?
(a) His nurse.
(b) A Bishop.
(c) Murasaki.
(d) A sage.

13. What does the Empress Akikonomu send to Murasaki?
(a) Jewels.
(b) Autumn leaves and flowers.
(c) An invitation.
(d) Scarves.

14. What are Fujitsubo's intentions after her husband's death?
(a) To begin a relationship with Genji.
(b) To remarry.
(c) To commit suicide.
(d) To become a nun.

15. What does Yugiri happen to hear while walking through the garden?
(a) His father playing the shamisen.
(b) Murasaki crying.
(c) Kumoinokari singing.
(d) Genji and Murasaki's pillow talk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Genji admire during his stay in the mountains?

2. What does Genji tell the Safflower Princess when he goes to visit her after his exile?

3. What happens to Genji's mother at the beginning of the novel?

4. In which wing of the palace do Genji and Murasaki live?

5. What word would must accurately describe Genji?

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