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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 47 | Chapter 48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which person is used to resolve the conflict between To no Chujo and Genji?
(a) Kaoru.
(b) Murasaki.
(c) Yugiri.
(d) Tamakazura.

2. What does the Empress Akikonomu send to Murasaki?
(a) An invitation.
(b) Jewels.
(c) Autumn leaves and flowers.
(d) Scarves.

3. Where do Kaoru and Niou go on their pilgrimage?
(a) Tokyo.
(b) Hiroshima.
(c) Hatsuse.
(d) Hibachi.

4. Who sees Yugiri leaving the Second Princess's bedroom?
(a) Her mother.
(b) The healer.
(c) A palace guard.
(d) Her father.

5. Genji is concerned about the illness of _______ , Tamakazura's grandmother.
(a) Kimoinokari.
(b) The Safflower Princess.
(c) Akikonomu.
(d) Princess Omiya.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which lady does Genji begin spending time with in Chapter 11?

2. What do To no Chujo and Genji do as the tension in their relationship disappears?

3. Who is Kobai?

4. Who does Genji fail to support during his exile?

5. What types of gifts does Murasaki send to Genji?

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