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• The story takes place in Japan, and an Emperor is in love with a beautiful woman who is not completely of royal birth.

• The Emperor favors this woman and marries her. She gives birth to a son, Genji. The Emperor favors Genji over his other children. After some time passes, Genji's mother falls ill and dies.

• The Emperor marries another woman who closely resembles Genji's mother. Genji is deemed a commoner by his father. Genji is married to Aoi, as arranged by his father.

• Genji is obsessed with his father's wife, Fujitsubo. Genji begins a friendship with a man named, To no Chujo. To no Chujo and Genji talk about women and how they are not able to find a woman who posses the qualities they want.

• They decide that instead of finding one woman they will enjoy many. Genji attempts to seduce a woman, Utsusemi...

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