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Margaret Lane
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was Beatrix's full name?

2. As children, what would Beatrix and her brother do with animal corpses?

3. According to Chapter 2, why were Beatrix and her brother in the countryside with their parents?

4. What was against Caroline's beliefs?

5. How large was the original "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Beatrix feel about her life growing up?

2. How was Beatrix viewed socially as she grew up and became an adult?

3. Describe Edmund Potter, Beatrix's grandfather.

4. While in Gloucester, what story did Beatrix compose? What did she think of this story?

5. How was the Warne family different from Beatrix's family?

6. What kind of job did Beatrix's father have? What did he do in his spare time?

7. What did Bertram and Beatrix do with the animal corpses they found as children?

8. How did Beatrix spend her days after Bertram left home?

9. Why was Bolton Gardens full of excitement prior to the publication of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"?

10. Why were Bertram and Beatrix in the countryside with their father?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the conflicts which Beatrix faced during her life. Beatrix was often in conflict with her parents. What was often the cause of her conflicts with her parents? How did she overcome them?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze Beatrix's venture into politics. Why did she become interested in politics? What aspects of politics did she become interested in? How did these interests relate to her work as a writer and illustrator?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Beatrix's love of nature. How did her childhood visits to Scotland influence her? How was Beatrix's love of nature reflected in her work? How did Beatrix's love of nature lead her to give up writing and pursue other endeavors?

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