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Margaret Lane
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Short Answer Questions

1. How many copies of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" did Beatrix have printed originally?

2. Where would the Potter family go in the summer?

3. What did Warnes tell Beatrix she would have to do if she wanted him to publish "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"?

4. What did Beatrix make critical comments of in her diary from her early twenties?

5. Who was Miss Hammond?

Short Essay Questions

1. What came from the diary found decades after Beatrix's death?

2. What kind of lifestyle did Beatrix's parents live while in Bolton Gardens?

3. Why were Bertram and Beatrix in the countryside with their father?

4. While in Gloucester, what story did Beatrix compose? What did she think of this story?

5. Describe Mrs. Edmund Potter, Beatrix's grandmother.

6. Why was Bolton Gardens full of excitement prior to the publication of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"?

7. What made Beatrix comfortable around Norman?

8. Who was Canon Rawnsley?

9. How was the Warne family different from Beatrix's family?

10. What happened when Beatrix considered illustrating a book on fungi?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Publishing a written work was not easy for Beatrix to do. Why was it so difficult for Beatrix to find a publisher to publish "The Tale of Peter Rabbit"? How did she go about publishing the book herself? Who finally expressed an interest in her work? What changes did Beatrix have to make to have her work published? How did the collaborative aspect of publishing bring her and her fiancé Norman closer together? Did Beatrix enjoy the publishing aspect of writing?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Lane's writing style? What is the writing style of the biography "The Tale of Beatrix Potter"? Is the writing style of this book similar to other biographies? Why might a clear and concise writing style be important for this type of work?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the struggles faced by Beatrix throughout her life. What struggles did Beatrix face in regards to her social life, to her career as a writer and illustrator, to her desire for independence, and to her love life? How did she overcome these struggles?

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