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Margaret Lane
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After buying her farm, whom did Beatrix often depict in her books?
(a) The local townspeople.
(b) Her parents.
(c) Norman.
(d) Film stars.

2. Which of Beatrix's American-published books was a failure?
(a) "The Tale of Little Pig Robinson."
(b) "The Fairy Caravan."
(c) "Sister Anne."
(d) "Wag-by Wall."

3. What animal was central to the financing of Beatrix's farm?
(a) Cows.
(b) Chickens.
(c) Sheep.
(d) Pigs.

4. In what year did Beatrix die?
(a) 1950.
(b) 1943.
(c) 1945.
(d) 1939.

5. What does Lane say amuses adults about Beatrix's works?
(a) The stories.
(b) The simplicity.
(c) The illustrations.
(d) The subtleties.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the books Beatrix published after her marriage based on?

2. How did Beatrix find children's literature was treated in America?

3. What does the author say of Beatrix's art works?

4. What kind of message did Beatrix's setting help convey?

5. What did Beatrix focus on producing in 1910?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was Beatrix treated in America?

2. What does Lane note Beatrix's stories lacked?

3. What did Beatrix find difficult about farm life?

4. How did Beatrix feel about being a celebrity?

5. What does Lane believe was Beatrix's greatest achievement after her 'golden decade' of writing?

6. What does Lane say caused "Sister Anne" to fail?

7. What was Beatrix's "The Fairy Caravan" about?

8. What event does Lane consider as marking the end of Beatrix's creative period?

9. What does Lane suggest allowed Beatrix to add a deeper level of reality to her characters?

10. According to Lane, what put an end to Beatrix's best writing years?

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