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Margaret Lane
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Chapter 2, why were Beatrix and her brother in the countryside with their parents?
(a) For their father's business.
(b) To visit family.
(c) For safety.
(d) For their father's amusement.

2. Who was angered by the condescension at the meeting in 1896?
(a) Uncle Henry.
(b) Beatrix.
(c) Mrs. Potter.
(d) Bertram.

3. What would Beatrix and her brother often do with the animals and plants they observed?
(a) Paint and draw them.
(b) Photograph them.
(c) Write stories about them.
(d) Give them new names.

4. What year was the code in Beatrix's diary cracked?
(a) 1961.
(b) 1958.
(c) 1949.
(d) 1944.

5. What was Beatrix's parents' approach to religion?
(a) Rigid and unforgiving.
(b) A half-hearted attempt at devotion.
(c) Calm and unenthusiastic.
(d) Complete obedience and faith.

6. What fascinated Beatrix about Scotland during her childhood?
(a) Its calming feel.
(b) Its dangerous feel.
(c) Its magical feel.
(d) Its exotic feel.

7. What interests did Miss Hammond encourage in Beatrix?
(a) Her interest in nature.
(b) Her interest in writing.
(c) Her interest in farming.
(d) Her interest in travel.

8. What did Beatrix and her brother make together as children?
(a) Ink.
(b) Root beer.
(c) Sculpting clay.
(d) Soap.

9. What did Bertram's art focus on?
(a) The English coast.
(b) The Scottish countryside.
(c) The Lake District.
(d) Cityscapes.

10. What was Beatrix's brother's name?
(a) Bertram.
(b) Elliot.
(c) Alistair.
(d) Dunstan.

11. What did Beatrix do in the countryside while visiting Caroline?
(a) Wrote poetry.
(b) Photographed animals.
(c) Caught butterflied.
(d) Hunted fowl.

12. The people at the meeting in 1896 were skeptical of ____________.
(a) Beatrix's theories.
(b) Beatrix's credentials.
(c) Beatrix's talent.
(d) Beatrix's sanity.

13. What did Beatrix ask to sketch in Chapter 4?
(a) Shop interiors.
(b) Cottages.
(c) People.
(d) Farm animals.

14. What was the follow-up book to Peter Rabbit?
(a) "The Tale of Flopsy Bunny."
(b) "The Tale of Velvet Bunny."
(c) "The Tale of Poppy Bunny."
(d) "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny."

15. According to Chapter 2, which of the following did not bother Beatrix?
(a) Filth.
(b) Her parents' disapproval.
(c) Solitude.
(d) Silence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn't Beatrix's parents want her to marry Norman?

2. What were some qualities that Beatrix admired that were found on her grandmother's side?

3. In what fad of the time did Beatrix's father like to engage?

4. How are Caroline's political views described?

5. Why did the people at the meeting in 1896 dislike Beatrix's drawings?

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