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Margaret Lane
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Summer Holidays.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what religious group did Beatrix's parents belong?
(a) The Unitarians.
(b) The Presbyterians.
(c) The Mormons.
(d) The Lutherans.

2. What were some qualities that Beatrix admired that were found on her grandmother's side?
(a) Her sense of humor and tact.
(b) Wealth and eccentricity.
(c) Vibrancy and energy.
(d) Constant kindness and forgiveness.

3. What would the servants do while the Potter family visited the sea?
(a) They would visit their loved ones.
(b) They would rest.
(c) They would accompany the Potters.
(d) They would clean the home.

4. What began to influence Beatrix's personality during her childhood?
(a) Her Roscoe heredity.
(b) Her Potter heredity.
(c) Her Crompton heredity.
(d) Her Leech heredity.

5. What did Beatrix's parents discourage?
(a) Gossip.
(b) Painting and writing.
(c) Vanity.
(d) Crying.

Short Answer Questions

1. As children, what would Beatrix and her brother do with animal corpses?

2. What was Beatrix's full name?

3. How are Beatrix's grandparents described?

4. What holiday did the Potter family never celebrate?

5. How was Beatrix viewed by others as she aged in Bolton Gardens?

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