The Tale of Beatrix Potter Fun Activities

Margaret Lane
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Fashion Research

Research popular fashion during Beatrix Potter's lifetime. Design outfits that Beatrix may have worn during two different decades of her life.

Work of Art

Create an artistic work in any medium depicting an interesting scene, setting, or persona in "The Tale of Beatrix Potter."


Limericks are humorous five-line rhyming poems. Compose a collection of three to five limericks based on Beatrix Potter's animal characters.

Short Story

Research rural English farm life during the early 20th Century and write a short story set there during that time.


Have students write an additional chapter which provides details about Potter's legacy today.


Choose an interesting event from the novel and perform it as a dramatic scene or comedic skit.

Book Cover

Design a new book cover which depicts the novel in an interesting and creative way.

Storyboard/Comic book

Choose a sequence of events from the...

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