The Tale of Beatrix Potter Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Margaret Lane
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Chapter 1, Bolton Gardens

• Beatrix's childhood is described as mundane and routine.

• The Potter family would often go away on holidays. During the summer, the family would go to Scotland.

• Beatrix is described as a quiet and solitary child.

• Beatrix's father was a barrister and enjoyed amateur photography.

• Compared to her parents, Beatrix's grandparents were original and wild.

• Rupert, Beatrix's grandfather, was a Liberal MP. He died with vast sums of money. Beatrix's grandmother was a Crompton, a famous and proud British family.

• Beatrix believed in the ideas of heredity.

Chapter 2, Summer Holidays

• Beatrix did not take part in her parents' lives, but the solitude did not bother her.

• Beatrix liked her schoolmistress, Miss Hammond, but she left eventually. Beatrix didn't mind educating herself.

• Beatrix disliked her childhood surroundings. She did enjoy the beauty of Scotland during the summers though.

• Beatrix often played with her brother, Bertram.

• Bertram and...

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