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Short Answer Questions

1. The Chinese call Straun and Company another name. What is it?

2. According to Captain Orlov, who will have blood on his hands when he becomes tai-pan.

3. Who owns the ship that takes Sarah back to England?

4. When Dirk first visits the settlement, who sends a messenger requesting to see him immediately?

5. Who is Wu Kwok's father?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dirk feel about the way Culum solves the problem of the knoll?

2. What is Dirk's reason for firing Captain Perry?

3. If Dirk is unable to save his company, what will become of Brock and why does the outcome bother Dirk?

4. What does Sarah tell Dirk about Robb's last message to him?

5. Why does Brock plan to replace his clipper ships with steam-powered ships?

6. Why does Brock panic when Dirk pays his debt to Brock in silver?

7. When Brock is dressing for the ball, what does he try to hide from Liza?

8. Why do Liza and Tess sail to Macao together?

9. What are the stakes in the wager that Dirk and Zergeyev make on the prize fight?

10. What does Dirk believe he will be able to do if he gets the trade monopoly in Russia?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How are the relationships between parents and their children represented in this novel? Do the relationships seem healthy? Why or why not? Are there differences between the ways sons and daughters are treated? If so, what are they?

Essay Topic 2

Dirk takes many calculated risks throughout the course of the novel. What are the risks he takes? Are his risks wise or foolish? In other words, does Dirk succeed through luck or through shrewd business sense? Why?

Essay Topic 3

What changes does Culum undergo through the course of the novel? What causes the changes? Is he truly ready to be tai pan at the close of the novel?

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